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2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - Smokin Js

2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

What’s so cool that its ready for the history books after only one year?

Seattle’s very own HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup! This epic event left nothing to the wayside. This cannabis cup is what it’s all about. It’s the true pinnacle of medical marijauna and where the future will take us with newer technologies and a standard of pure quality that says “this isn’t some stoner hippy shit…” It’s not pot at this cup. It’s legitimate medication and it was in every kind and medium you could imagine.

Hi, my name is Tmo. I have been a medical patient for a hand full of years.  I live with a

neuroligical disease that leaves me in great medical need. So if the meds aren’t phenominal, they aren’t very effective. That being said, even Reggie is better than a pill.

High Times kicked off the Medical Cannabis Cup with a party for all VIP ticket holders, AKA .. ME!  Thank you Smokin Js!! It was a Friday night concert that started late evening and went through the night. There were a great variety of musical guests, and all were enjoyable.  Conspirator headlined the evening and blew the doors off.  Since the “official ceremonies” haden’t started yet, a wide variety of personal stashes being blown to the medicinal Gods made the “atmosphere” just right. Any smoker, medical or not, this was just the best way to break ice and get into the idea of what was to come throughout the weekend. Dorothy, it was obvious we weren’t in Kansas.  This was a Cannabis Cup Evergreen Sate style!  On the monitors (where sports usually play) were all the Medical Cannabis Cup entries, in high definition photos of buds, concentrates, medibles, and more. Eye candy everywhere.

Does it look smoky?  HT Med Can Cup 2012 Kick Off Concert

From Saturday on, there were true pro’s that gave seminars on extraction, bringing the typical home body grower, up to dispensary quality and reducing vital waste loss. Trash to stash.  There was glass blowing, new products, and activism seminars. Everywhere you could see “the movement” happening. Dread locks and white collars doing the same thing. Together even! The weekend’s activities were very well organized, clean, and professional. I haven’t been to a HIGH TIMES event before, but I was a VIP for this one.  VIPs with current medical papers were treated like Gods! Tshirts, gift bags, easy access to everything, no security hang ups. They rolled the carpet out.

Have you ever wondered, who judges what, who’s the lucky people that get to say “this is better than that other one”, the judging, taste testing and use of new products? That was me! And every other VIP! So yes it was very hard work for me to try everything and get my votes in. Am I bragging right now? Hell yes! I said it was epic. No lie. So it’s not one person’s vote on winners of the competitions. It’s us, the people, and we are heard.

I hope I get to go next year too, but I have to thank Smokin Js for sending me to this event. It lets us see what’s out there and who’s out there on a much more personal level than just business as usual. We want you to know and see us in the forefront of what’s new and best in quality. Not only that, but I just had a ton of fun.

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