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2013 Degenerate Flame Off - Smokin Js

2013 Degenerate Flame Off

Smokin Js invaded the 5th Annual Degenerate Flame Off in Eugene, Or. We sent our own Megan “Mega” Mac to cover the event.

Anyone can appreciate a piece of art. You find a whole new respect for the piece and the artist when you witness the making of it from beginning to end. This year I was lucky enough to attend the 5th annual Degenerate Flame Off. It was three days of artists and enthusiasts coming together to celebrate and show their support for the functional glass art industry. This time of year, an entire weekend of sun and 70 plus degree weather is practically unheard of in Eugene, Oregon, but I’m still sportin’ the tan lines.

All three days artists collaborated on live demos, and vendor booths offered everything from glass to clothing, and even back massages. Live music played, kegs were tapped, and the sweet smell of maryjane filled the air. Although there seemed to be people and excitement everywhere, the atmosphere was very mellow with a “one love” type feeling.

Saturday was the main event. Eighteen glass blowers competed in a grueling 8 hour flame off. Being outside of their normal environment with hundreds of spectators, they can only hope for the best. Elbo was awarded the people’s choice award with his amazing tortoise and the hare oil rigs: “it’s not a contest.” All of the artists definitely brought their A game. There were a lot of great pieces created!

Mega Mac taking the challenge of the Steve Bates creation.

Steve Bates brings the concept of science to glass blowing like no other. After Sundays awards ceremonies were all wrapped up, he brought his giant triple mouth-piece waterpipe out into the lawn so we could REALLY appreciate it. Everyone was eager to load the bowl and test it out. I still get giddy just thinking about it.

This year was the DFO’s largest turn out yet and, with each year it will only get bigger and better.

Pictures speak louder than words so please be sure to check out all of our pictures.

Have a great day Smokin J-ers!!!

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