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A Smokin Lifestyle Requires Loved Pets - Smokin Js

A Smokin Lifestyle Requires Loved Pets

Smokin Js is a family orientated company. We treat each other and our customers with the same respect as anyone else. The customer that comes in with no money, but wants to learn about a product we sell, is just as valuable and no different than us, when we’re off the clock. I research before I buy, and we research for you here, before you buy. So there is a lot of customer and co worker support here at Js.

When we get home, a lot of us have a special kind of support team. They are cute, soft, and super cuddly! ANIMALS people, animals! (In case your mind was drifting toward the gutter ;{) )

Our critters are super special to us and some of us even consider them to be our “support staff”. When i get home from work, my support crew consists of a greyhound (Ashley) and a Maine Coone kitty (Patience).

These silly faces mean the world to us and so does our Customer support. We want to bring YOU, the customer the kind of comfort and trust that we all have with our animals. We vest our interests and vet our products specifically for you guys out there that expect the best “bang for buck”. We may not be the coolest…. But here are some of the crew and their critters that help make us the best!

Jay- Owner, CEO, and Counter Culture Extraordinaire, along with Life Partner Cyndi, have a new, “little helper” to the family. Her name is Annie, and she’s a tiny puppy with a big dog mentality! Very cute, sporting the Smokin Js dress!

Megan is like Jay’s side kick. She runs the show when he can’t. She is also in charge or web orders and new product orders. She has been an amazing addition for Jay and the rest of us since day one! We all adore her and what she does for the company. But more so, look at this pic of her with “schnicklefritz”. Now thats adorable!

Elizabeth works in Olympia.She is a newer employee but has brought color, creativity, and a style all her own to Smokin Js. She gets along with everyone great, but when Elizabeth has a long day from doing great customer service, answering all my questions, and picking up my slack. Her buddy back at home is always waiting for her return and affection.

Just south of Olympia is our Centralia shop. Sean and Devon keep the good times going! Sean has been a great help to the company since day one and has just been promoted, while Devon (our newest hire) has been shining like a star, bringing a creative aspect to great customer service and organizes beautiful displays.

Only a half hour drive south, is our Longview shop. Lots happens here despite the shop being the smallest of four. This is where our crazy charismatic sales rep Josh spends most of his work days. Josh practically has a following with his social media spots and reviews. He has great feedback on lots of new products. He helps in the vetting of new products as well.

Our most southern shop and my home for glass and awesome gifts, is in Vancouver, Wa. Here i get to work with creative awesomeness! Ariel and I (Tmo) are the foundation of the Vancouver crew. We keep the shop poppin’ with cool displays, and creatively fun customer service! We research and vet new ideas and products that customers ask about. Then we present them to Jay for possible new products to carry. It is really one of the great perks of the job! If you want to call it a job, because it doesn’t seem like “work” to me. Its just what I do and lucky me, Jay pays me to do it!

Friends, family, and pets, should you happen to lose one of those close relationships to death, we have a great grieving gift! We make exclusive cremated ashes pipes and pendants! Keep your loved one(s) close and never forget them with a custom made pipe. Your choice of glass tubing in white or fumed glass and some of your favorite colors. More details on our website. Check it out!

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