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Festival Season is upon us - Smokin Js

Festival Season is upon us

Festival Season is finally upon us! Are you ready for days of sun, nights of fun and music to sway you through the entire season? Sure you’ve packed your camping gear, your cooler and your external power sources…but what about you? Have you thought about clothes? Which pipe will you take? How are you going to find your friends once you’ve arrived?

No worries my cannabis companions, Smokin Js has you covered and we’ve made the list for you! Whether you’re going to: Burning ManElectric ForestCoachellaDecibel FestivalReggae on The River or a local festival this year, you need to be prepared for both scorching hot days and cool nights!

Ladies update that wardrobe with some great Boho summer dresses & Hoodies. Guys you need to be prepared with good tie-dyes and of course the ever popular & festival approved Baja Hoodie. And don’t forget your feet!  We all need some footwear that can handle all the walking, dirt, sand, mud and water we trek through to follow our favorite music! Being in style is one thing, but being comfy & looking good is where we can help!

And on to the pipe and the vape, which one to take? Many festivals won’t allow glass. Sure, rolling papers will do, but there is just something about passing pipes around the campfire lit drum circle, that bonds us with our fellow festies. During the day and at the shows try out the Click & Hit or even a vape like the SToK R Series for concentrates. Are you blessed with both herb and concentrate? Check out the V Hit Reload and you’ll be prepared for both! Want a neat little thing that will charge your devices as well as provide a nice vaping session? Check out the Innokin MVP. Rather have a pipe? Check it out: Great herbal pipes for passing are the super nostalgic Proto Pipe  that has been around since before Woodstock, the Journey or any stellar ceramic pipe. Remember your precious pieces need to be protected and not just thrown into a backpack! Try out some different pipe cases, such as the R.Y.O.T. Pack Ratz. Please remember, if you break it clean it up. Do not endanger your fellow festies!

Now that the most important things are packed, don’t forget the little pleasures that make for a more enjoyable time! Things like: LightersHemp WickDoob TubesToker PokerLighter BroTraysand of course your Grinder! You’d be amazed at how handy having something like the Lighter Bro can be in the middle of a festival!

Last but not least, how will you find your friends, or rather how will you find your campsite after the music ends for the night? Tapestries! Pack a few as they are not only good for marking your camp site but also for keeping warm at night and for ground cover at the stage. You never know where these will come in handy. I cannot tell you the number of times the nights got cold and a tapestry would have been nice and they take up almost no room in the car, a plus for packing a few of them. Not to mention how handy they can be as sheets when the unexpected torrential downpour happens and soaks your tent. Happy 2015 Festival Season!

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