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Marijuana and Skateboarding – Blended Cultures - Smokin Js

Marijuana and Skateboarding – Blended Cultures

From the beginning skateboarding and herb have stood side by side. Both subjects come with a bunch of mixed opinions. Since both are considered a nuisance to many, the two naturally blend well together. These days there are countless successful pro skateboarders, as well as amateurs making a living and enjoying just as much herb if not more then the everyday skateboarders and skatepark heros. Now I’m sure smoking herb in every video part and magazine ad is not what every company wants their skaters to be promoting, but for the most part the skate industry embraces their riders for who they are because who they are is what brought them to the success they’ve reached. For most this is very beneficial to be allowed to creatively express yourself, thus skating to your fullest potential. For many, this almost Hollywood star treatment leads to an enabling lifestyle that has proven to be to much for some of our favorite skaters from time to time. When it comes down to it marijuana is a healing plant ment for everyone, and it just so happens to benefit a lot of skateboarders.  I don’t see the two ever being a problem for eachother.

    If your familiar with the skate scene you would know DogTown and Zboyz are the O.G. skaters of our time. They are the pioneers of modern skateboarding and when you think of them I’m sure your thinking of hippie surfer, skater stoners. It’s a title that follows us skaters thanks to our elders lol. Really though who cares !? If you ask me its awesome especially these days with all the advancements and benefits we’ve found marijuana provides. Injured skates could choose to take herb instead of harmfull pharmaceuticals, or smoke herb for countless other reasons. More than that though, I feel skateboarding was one of the first activities that showed the public not every stoner is a worthless, lazy, vegtable glued to the tv screen.

Brands like Baker Skateboards are a perfect example of companies who embrace their skaters for whoever they are. The company “Baker Skateboards” was founded by Andrew Reynolds. An inlfuential skater to the scene since the late 90’s,he was picked up by Tony Hawks Birdhouse skateboards in the mid 90s to then now, Baker skateboards. Andrew even turned Tony Hawks son Riley Hawk pro for baker skateboards in 2013. Then we have skaters like Antwuan Dixon who came up in the skate scene through Baker skateboards also. Antuwans breakthrough part in “Baker3″ made him a over night super star in the skate world. I remember the comming of Antuwan when i was only a sophmore in high school. His style and approach to skating was like noone we in the skate world had seen in a long time. His effortless style became one that many tryed to emulate but everyone has failed horriably. Antuwan sort of dissapeared from the skate scene only a few years after his debut part in baker3, getting caught up in partying and fighting, and countless run ins with the law. Once a influential skater Antuwans now someone picking up the broken pieces to get back where he was in the skate scene. One things for sure, ive got all the confidence Antuwan will make a killer return back to skating soon. Hes a prime example of the scene being to much for some to handle.

Marijuana will be persecuted for a long time to come, but we all know its the healing of the nation, and I feel that skating, no matter how big and commercial it becomes, will always accept herb friendly skaters into the scene. Skating is about freedom, the struggle to legalize weed is about freedom. The two will always go hand in hand.

To the Pavement!

 – Nikko Kamanuwai

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