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Reggae Night to Remember - Smokin Js

Reggae Night to Remember

Collie Buddz, Rebelution, and Zion

I could not have been more excited when my good friend informed me that Rebelution, Collie Buddz, and Zion I would be playing in Eugene August 16th! We of course instantly agreed to buy tickets and car pool to Eugene (as any green supporting hippies should do). When the 16th FINALLY arrived my bags were packed and ready to go, and after the usual grueling errands before a road trip (food, gass. . .& grass!), we were finally on the road to the show! Four hippies in a Tahoe with Rasta bumper stickers and a head full of dreads heading South. It probably tipped people off that we were heading to the concert, because on the way there a couple of people rolled down their windows to ask if we were on our way to Eugene for the show =D.
      When we pulled into the georgeous park, smoke clouds billowing out the windows, excuse me DUST clouds billowing behind us.   I was amazed to find myself walking/dancing past trees and park views! I was lead toward the Reaggae music with excitement, like I had the munchies and was following some amazing home kitchen baked smell. Once through the lines I headed straight past the food and drink vendors (though I did get a Rebelution Tshirt later), jogged up the stairs and HOLY NUGGETS! I was awestruck for a minute by the stunning outdoor ampitheater Eugene has tucked away in that park! Not to mention I was a little awestruck at how much sound was vibrating up the hill at me. Thrilled would be a good word to describe me at that point. We decided to work our way through the happiest and chillest crowd I’ve seen in a while, to the first grass ring of onlookers. There was an adorable couple swing/tango dancing to our right who were putting on their own little show and obviously having a great time.

      The opening show was great and even invited the crowd up on stage to dance (which resulted in the singer being mobbed with hugs and dancing people). We sat in the grass and listened to the opening show as the sunset behind us, and the lights coming off the stage got progressively cooler and brighter as they shot through the ampitheater into the night like the sound. The music was great when I got there and only got better as the night went on. I could see an alligator bouncing above the crowd, as it appeared that someone had the great idea to bring along this fabulous blow up friend. When I decided to swim through people towards the front for a closer view as Collie Buddz came on, I was surrounded by chill vibes and everyone was dancing their hearts out :) I tossed a few SmokinJs papers into the air. Who knows maybe a couple of the jays I saw being passed around were wrapped in those papers. Need-less to say everyone in the crowd was obviously feelin great as Rebelution rocked everyones feet, even pulling out a whaling saxophone and an epic set of electric clarinet. The music was great, even when the end of the evening had closed in on us, and the last song had been played, the crowd simply hadn’t had enough. The cheers did the trick because a few more songs were played, and everyone danced the last of their energy out, untill finally we all had to admit it had been a GREAT night but the end had come! Now for the drive back to town, and another awesome shift at Smokin Js!

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