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Raging Torch

Raging Torch
Raging Torch
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Bill Sowers, aka Raging Torch, became a glass blower 20 years ago with an apprenticeship in Moscow, Idaho. One session on the flame, and he has been hooked ever since. Bill shares a common theme with other Smokin Js glass blowers: He dabbles and is interested in many forms of art. But nothing excites him like melting glass. He said, "To be able to work with a medium that is 3D and molten, no better fun."
Raging Torch finds beauty in the simple things. He likes to hone quality and craftsmanship to affordable smoking accessories. And he likes to find innovative touches to set his simple pieces apart. Take a look at his dab straws. Instead of placing the tip at the end of the wand, he create a side hole with a thick glass nub to heat. This little innovation created a customer favorite nectar straw.

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