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Large Inline Oil Rig

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12" Tall

14mm Female Ground Joint

Comes with a 14mm 90 degree 4mm thick pure quartz bucket banger.

I love the quality of Goo Roo Glass.  Made in America, and you can tell.

First:  The thick pedestal base gives this dab rig durability and stability.

Second:  Goo Roo Glass uses there old school hole diffusion technique on the inline perc.  Many smokers think the holes are a better system because it forces the smoke through the individual holes, and increases the smoke diffusion filtration.  Often the smoke can escape through the first couple slits of most inline dab rigs.

Third:  These hand blown water pipes are made with quality and care.  There are two important weld reinforcements on this piece.  The first one connecting the inline ground joint with the body of the rig, and the second connecting the inline perc with the body of the water can.

Fourth:  This dab rig comes with a bent neck mouthpiece.  Many smokers like when they can see the bucket, and it is kept far away from their face.  This rig does both tricks!