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Barrel Recycler Oil Rig

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$299.99 - $299.99
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12" tall

This M&M Tech Recycler brings elegance and top notch functionality to the dabbing game.

The recycler's two chamber filtration system can provide a dabbing experience like no other. As the vapor is pulled through the in-line perc in the resevoir, the smoke and some water follow through the tube, and into the second chamber, creating a constant cycle. Your draws are essentially restriction free because of the constant flow of smoke and water, and the smoke gets the opportunity to be filtered at multiple stages.

This baby stands at 12" tall, with a solid round base to provide extra stability. It has an 8-slit inline perc inside of the barrel shaped resevoir, allowing for the bubbles to disperse evenly.

14mm male joint. Comes with a matching M&M Tech dome. Nail not included.