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Click & Hit Self Lighting Pipe


One of our most popular pipes, the Click & Hit works like a vaporizer and is the best self lighting pipe on the market. The loading chamber is separated from the torch lighter by a ceramic stone. You have complete control over the intensity of the flame. The torch lighter comes with an adjustment valve. At the manufacturing facility the valve is usually left on too rich or too low, so the user needs to adjust the valve to fit his or her requirements.

Instructions: Do not mess with the silver screw at the bottom of the unit. That keeps everything together. The bigger brass colored screw at the bottom is the adjustment valve. Using a small flat head screw driver, turn the adjustment valve all the way to the minus sign to fill the unit with butane. Wait 1 minte for the butane to warm up before trying to light. Turn the adjustment valve towards the + sign little bits at a time while igniting the flame. The desired setting is a nice blue flame about an inch long. Enjoy.

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