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Color Base Water Pipe


Height: 10"
Connection: 14mm

Smokin Js and M&M Tech partner up to bring you the highest quality glass at the best value price available. M&M Tech lives by the same slogan as Smokin Js, We aren't the Coolest ... Just the Best. Both companies strive to make the best products at affordable prices. Other brand names work hard at marketing a cool image so you think their inferior glass is cool enough to pay more for.

The latest creation to come out of the M&M Tech lab is this 10" Tall Hand Blown Glass Beaker Glass on Glass 14mm Water Pipe. True glass on glass with matching color accents on the tube, bowl, and diffused sleeve. It is made out of thick 50mm tubing. And even though these pipes are below $100, they are made with inspired precision at the M&M Tech laboratory in California.

Each one comes with the new innovative hybrid 14mm glass slide.  This slide is welded at the bowl hole, so it combines the form of a push slide with the function of a funnel slide.

Use the drop down menu to select a color and shape.

This is the best water pipe you will find for under $100 anywhere! A steal at $79.99!

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