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Custom Perc Pendant Oil Rig

Original price $129.99 - Original price $139.99
Original price
$129.99 - $139.99
Current price $139.99

This is a unique custom pendant rig made by Budd Bay Glass.  Each one comes ready to wear with an adjustable rope necklace

Each one is a one-off custom creation.  Use the drop down menu to select your very own.

Oh no he didn't! Yes he did! Budd Bay has come up with an innovative design for a wearable dab rig. The mouth piece is in the jewelers loop, sneaky! 

Yes!  It's a water pipe!  The glass plug comes out to reveal the 10mm connection that work as a drop stem into the water chamber.  Whoa!  So cool!

 The 10mm connection fits any Smokin Js 10mm quartz banger

This unique pendant rig has multiple sections with different techniques and wig wags.

The plug detachable piece matches the rivets accents. Of course each Budd Bay piece is touched off with his signature hemp leaf stamp so you know it came from his hands. The pendant is amazing. Both sides have unique designs and you can wear it either way. So it's like getting two pendants in one!

The one you pick in the drop down is the one you get.  Each one is individually pictured and available as a custom one-off piece.  Seriously, these American made glass art dab rigs would be hundreds of dollars at any other store.