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Double Perc Beaker


Made in the USA USA USA !!!  Manufactured by Goo Roo Glass in Portland, Oregon.

16" Tall

14mm Glass Slide

5.25" Glass Sleeve

Wow!  I love this old school dome perc water pipe!  There are lots of shower heads and ice matrix percs on the market, but there is something about an old school dome perc that I love.

It's all about the holes man!  The custom sleeve by Goo Roo Glass uses holes instead of slits for diffusion.  This forces the smoke to go through each hole instead of escaping through the top slits as most glass sleeves.  It's a superior design.

But wait, there's more!  The same hole design is used in the double perc piece, so smoke is more evenly distributed through the individual holes.  A lot of smokers prefer this technical design over slits in a shower head perc.

The water pipe is topped off with an ice pinch.  Each one is hand crafted Made in America, and built with quality and love.