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Fab Egg Glass Beaker Oil Rig

by NA
Original price $129.99 - Original price $129.99
Original price
$129.99 - $129.99
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9.5" Tall

14mm Female Connection

Comes with a 4mm thick bucket quartz banger.

This dab rig is like a science project of scientific glass.  The beaker looks like Swiss Cheese, but the holes go into a contained chamber within the beaker.  The matrix perc down stem actually goes through the same chamber.

This is a smoke cutting machine!  Not only down the smoke get diffused through the matrix perc at the bottom of the piece, but then the water and smoke slide on the outside of the inner chamber, and the Swiss percs cut the smoke even more.

Nice bent neck for form and function.  14mm standard female connection so you can easily find any banger or slide to go with it.  Each model comes with a 4mm thick bucket quartz banger.