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Five Arm Recycler

by PRC
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10” Tall

14mm Female Ground Joint

Introducing the latest addition to our scientific glass lineup. This piece is something straight out of a science fiction laboratory. It is a new twist on the well-established recycler design, combining creative form with excellent function.

You may be familiar with recyclers and maybe even a double recycler. Well, this piece sports five arms! A Five-Cycler!

If you want amazing percolation in a compact size, this piece is the one. Follow your smoke as it journeys down the natural perc, gets filtered through the shower head matrix perc, and then flows up through the five diffusion arms. Finally delivering fresh smoke through the mouth piece while the water drains back to the main chamber.

This piece is rugged and cool.  The pedestal base is a 1/2" thick glass!  Everything flows beautifully on this piece.  High quality.

Great piece to use with your favorite style banger as your new dab rig.