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Full Wig Wag Water Pipe Slide

by NA
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$26.99 - $26.99
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14mm Male Herb Slide

Use drop down menu to select your color.

Wow .. These glass bowls are tight!  14mm male replacement water pipe slide.  Each one is a full wig wag technique from bowl to ground joint.  Each hole is the perfect size for your herb.  The handles are consistent and thick.

One of these is your next favorite slide.

Black Dream - This color reminds us of a cartoon dream sequence.  As if your brain will melt into dreamland after using.

Red Racetrack - This slide is a soft red, almost nearing orange in tone.  The lines are tight with black and yellow.  The pattern looks like a never ending race track.

Yellow Lightning - The colors on this bowl pop like the crack of lightning in the dead of night.  White, green, black, and orange contrast against each other with perfection.