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Fumed Showerhead Bubbler

Original price $149.99 - Original price $149.99
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$149.99 - $149.99
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9.5" Tall

Made in the USA!  American made glass is built to last.

Mike and Martin with M&M Tech came up with this simple design as a new budget model to add to the Smokin Js rotation. The fixed bent neck mouthpiece is just long enough to create comfort with dabbing or smoking, and yet it short enough not to create an awkward imbalance.

The perc is a showerhead with wide air flow slit design.  The piece has American made quality welds at multiple points to ensure integrity.  Each piece comes with silver fumed accents on the showerhead perc.  The base is thick gathered glass.

Each piece comes with a flower hybrid slide, but this piece is made for dabs as well.

If you are looking for a similar design with a detachable mouthpiece, please this check out this bubbler.