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Goddess Tarot Card Deck

by NA
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The Goddess Tarot is a celebration of the Divine Feminine. Drawing inspiration from the many goddesses honored throughout history and around the globe, The Goddess Tarot uses goddess myths and imagery to update traditional tarot symbollism; it acknowledges women's contemporary needs as well as her mythic past.

From the earliest times, stories and myths have been used to impart wisdom and heal the spirit. When we feel overwhelmed by life's demands, stories allow us a more detached perspective of events; when we stand too close to the trees to see the forest path, they shed light so we can find our way home. As ancient and rich in stories as the symbollism of the tarot may be, goddess myths are even more so -- for these myths are the original women's stories. Revealing and reflecting our collective past, these stories speak to us through history's veils, telling us of women's innate divinity, dignity, and magic.

Like a traditional tarot deck, The Goddess Tarot contains seventy-eight cards divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Each Major Arcana card is related to a goddess and her story, and symbolizes an important aspect of life's journey.