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Graphic Animated Silicone Rig

by NA
Original price $49.99 - Original price $49.99
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$49.99 - $49.99
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14mm or 18mm Female Connection

11" Tall

Fresh off the factory floor!  These graphic animated silicone dab rigs are lit!

The connection is actually an 18mm female, but we include a 18mm to 14mm glass reducer.  Functional versatility is built in!  It will work with any 18mm or 14mm male slide or banger.  Smokin Js is always thinking about the little touches to make our products great! 

Each one comes completely apart, but stays together with strength and integrity.  A natural perc water chamber is covered by a removable honeycomb disc diffuser.  Each one has a bent neck design for smoking comfort.

There are all kinds of hidden features on this silicone bubbler.  There is a divot built into the base for your hot tools or a place to pre-stage your concentrate.

Hidden in the bottom of the base is a free oil slick jar.  

These silicone dab rigs are fresh and colorful.  We have a ton of styles.  Make your request of colors in the notes box at checkout.

This water pipe does not come with a slide or a banger.