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Heady Boro Cleaner

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Smokin Js!  We utilized our decades of experience with hand blown glass pipes to create the best cleaner on the market for your precious glass pipes.

Why is it the best?

No Alcohol!  Did you know alcohol seeps into the pours of your glass pipe, and makes it brittle over time.  Yeah.  Heady Boro Cleaner contains no alcohol.  

Earth Safe!  Heady Boro Cleaner is biodegradable and Earth safe.  Now you can clean your glass pipe with a clean conscience.

Made in the USA!  Like whaaat?  Smokin Js is committed to featuring American made products.  We are very proud to create this 100% American made glass cleaner.

Oil or Flower!  That's right!  Heady Boro Cleaner works well on oil rigs and flower pipes.  There are no abrasive agents in our cleaner.

We are glass connoisseurs.  We developed the Heady Boro Cleaner for people that care about their glass.  This product is made for your special hand blown glass creation.  You love your pipe, and now you have a cleaner that shows the same care and concern.

SAFE - Glass - Metal - Acrylic - SAFE

Mixing Directions:  60% Cleaner 40% Water

Cleaning Tips:  For best results, use hot water with bristle brush.  Remove stem and bowl and let soak.  Scrape clean with poker.  If brush wont reach lower chambers, use a rag, paper towel, or dried rice, then swirl and rotate until clean.  Rinse well with water.

Product Description:  Concentrated aqueous cleaner containing detergents, chelating agents, and alkaline builders.  Works with flower pipes or dab rigs.

Precautions:  This product is safe and non-toxic for general health.  Practice common sense when using.  Do not swallow!  If swallowed, drink three glasses of milk, and consult a physician.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Avoid eye contact.  If contact occurs, flush well with water.  Anyone with sensitive skin should take appropriate precautions.