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Inside Out Fumed Hand Blown Glass Sherlock

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9.5" Tall

Do you want a heady bubbler at an affordable price?  This ghost fumed donut glass bubbler is the one for you.

This hand blown American made glass bubbler has it all.

 - Ghost Fuming Chameleon Color Changer

 - Sherlock Pipe Shaping

 - Donut Mouthpiece

 - Thick Glass

 - Magnification Beads

 - Donut Mouthpiece

Torcher Glass magnification beads and super color changing ghost fuming really set his heady pieces apart from others.  His expert master glass blowing is amazing!

He is able to blend silver and gold fuming with delicate precision.  What results is an amazing chameleon glass color changer that will create blues, purples, greens, and golds when it gets dirty.

But it is the inside out clear he applies, and the combination of the magnification beads that create the true trippy magic.  After the glass bubbler gets dirty, not only will the pipe color change, but three dimensional designs will pop out of the glass. 

The magnification beads offer a window into the glass pipe that shows off the layers of amazing glass techniques.