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Kartika Sherlock

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6" Long

Torcher Glass has been making this pipe for two decades ... wow!

This might be PB's signature piece in his collection.  It has all the features Torcher Glass is known for:

 - Huge Magnification Beads

 - Extended Shot-Gun Carb

 - Unique Shaping

 - Ghost Fuming

As with every Torcher Glass piece, the weight of the hand pipe is more than you expect.  This is a chunky thick glass pipe. 

The magnification beads give it more weight and offer a window into the layers of the heady glass pipe. 

Each one has unique patterns of silver ghost fuming only available from a master glass blower like PB.  

The shaping of the pipe is totally unique.  It's like a sherlock, but PB calls is a Kartika.  Large volume for a dry pipe that might smoke you out!  I like to call this style a "backyard puffer".

The ghost fuming is what really turns this thick glass pipe into a color changing chameleon hand pipe.  At first the pipe is yellowish silver.  But after you smoke with it there will be an amazing amount of blues, purples, and greens that come out of the glass.

Further more, PB adds sections of clear rod to each one with an inside-out glass blowing technique that gives the ghost fuming a three dimensional change as well as a chameleon color change.  The different features will look like they are at different depths within the glass!

An amazing heady hand pipe made in America.  We are proud to feature this pipe.

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