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The Spike Inside Out Hand Pipe

by K Mac

6" Long

This pipe is beefy with serious weight and craftsmanship.  7 large and thick spikes pop out of this inside out heady pipe.  Each one looks cool, but also gives a trippy magnification effect.

The pipe is layered with multiple color rod and latticino strips running head to toe.  The inside out cane work is touched off with a silver fuming so the pipe will have 3D and color changing effects.

As will all K Mac pipes, the extended carb is reinforced with extra glass and the bowl size is large on this beefy bad boy.

You won't find a pipe like this anywhere.  It works as a home protection device as well as a hand pipe!  A little inside note from a lover of this pipe:  Your fingers fit perfectly in between the spikes on the head giving you super good grip.