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Thermochromic Quartz Banger

by NA
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All New! The Thermochromic Quartz Banger has changed the dab game by getting rid of temperature guess work or annoying timers. You can "low temp" your concentrates and get the best taste possible all by watching the sand change color with heat.

Heat up your nail as you normally would and watch as the Thermochromic sand changes color right before your eyes. After taking the torch off your new nail you will then wait until the color changes to a hue between the hottest color and the coolest color. You then know its at a perfect temperature to dab. These quartz bangers are designed very much like a thermal cup banger, and can use bubble carb caps as well as directional flow caps that fit most standard and thermal bangers.

A vaccuum sealed chamber on the banger contains the heat activated color changing sand.  Yellow/Cold to Red/Hot and you find your optimal dab temp somewhere in between.

100% pure quartz. - Get the perfect temp dab every time. - Deep bucket for small or big dabs.

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