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Top Hat Customs Secret Stash Dab Tool

by NA
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Revolutionary new dab tool!

Just when you thought you had seen it all, TopHat Customs out of Northern California, has unveiled a product that many are saying could be the best tool out there for the avid vaping connoiseur.

The Science: They start with stainless steel instead of titanium because stainless steel is a much less conductive metal. When using a titanium tool, the tool heats up much faster as it is being brought to a vaporizer. This causes concentrates to stick to the tool as well as rise up the tool. The concentrates need to travel towards the heat.

The slow heating metal allows concentrates to vape with little to no residue (depending on how much you use of course) leaving all of the remaining concentrate to collect in the patent pending anti drop Top Hat tip, ready for the next use.

The Top Hat rim not only prevents the concentrate from rising when being vaped, but also keeps the concentrate from spilling and sticking to surfaces.

It's a slow heating, self cleaning, anti drip, long lasting tool that will never oxidize from typical use.

The Secret Stash Dab Tool comes in a sleek and discrete package. It comes with a cap, allowing you to place right into your pocket or purse after usage without fear of odor mess.

Also has a convenient storage area built into the back and a reconfigurable size to meet your dabbing demands.

Available in a variety of colors. Please contact us for our current selection.