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Turbine Perc Water Pipe

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$149.99 - $149.99
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16" Tall
Silver Fumed
Turbine Perc
18mm Ground Joint Slide

Martin and Mike are at it again. They have built a powerful new water pipe. This thing is thick! The base alone is nearly a 1/2 thick glass.

Solid M&M Tech quality construction that you have come to expect from the father and son team. Instead of using color, Martin went old school with silver fuming as the color accents on this piece. The base, the mouth piece, and the turbine perc all have silver fumed color changing accents.

The turbine perc is on top of a natural perc water chamber. The water and smoke will be forced through the turbine perc. This will cut and shred the smoke for diffusion, and at the same time create a swirling vortex effect with the smoke.

The water chamber is topped off by a six pinch ice perc great for crushed or cubed ice. And finally M&M Tech creates huge air flow with a large 18mm slide connection.

Hint: Some experts drop an 18/14 hole diffused sleeve in the natural perc chamber to either create another perc action or to act as an oil reclaim catcher. The extra long natural perc feature gives you cool McGyver options!