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Witches Tarot Card Deck

by NA
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Witchcraft is the practice of natural and supernatural acts including evil power. Divination under the influence of witchcraft is an ancient art. People with clairvoyant powers often find that the intensity and excitement of certain magical rites increases these powers.

Witches and warlocks frequently consult tarot fortune-telling cards. The Tarot of Witches deck, created by artis Fergus Hall and featured in the movie "Live and Let Die," depicts full length figures in compelling dreamlike imagery making this tarot pack ideal for coven readings. The complete tarot pack contains seventy eight cards comprising twenty two Major Arcana and fifty six Minor Arcana cards.

Whether you are an avowed witch or warlock, or simply attracted by the fascination and mysteries of the occult, the reader of tarot fortune-telling cards soon feels a close kinship to the symbollic pictures. The mystical images depicted on the cards create an association of ideas and symbols which the reader or diviner translates into events, both past and present, including the possibilities , which may exist in the future.

In ancient times it was believed that women excelled in the manifestation of certain qualities suggestive of occult power and astral influence.

An ancient verse reads:

The witch woman
Sees fortunes bold
Hidden thoughts
Visions old.
Shame and truth
Before devil's eyes
Every woman is a witch
Every witch is wise.

Unravel the secrets of the Universe with this colorful look at the dream-like world of witches. A surreal fantasy!