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Cannabis Culture is about Community - Smokin Js

Cannabis Culture is about Community

What’s going on in the digital world today!?! From fake news to social media robots, it seems companies have promoted statistics over substance. As if tricking people into a click is a worthy art. As if any commerce of substance can be earned through this tactic. This digital tactic finds its way into every industry, even the pipe industry.

Branding is king, culture and content be damned! Question everything! Those vape pens endorsed by famous rappers have nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with marketing. Those cool brands with an explosive social presence may just be importing pipes and paying for their swagger. Cannabis culture has become enticing enough in recent years to attract people and businesses that have no investment in the culture itself.

Smokin Js refuses to participate in this modern marketing magic. As a company we want to be a part of the 420 community and cannabis culture, not just leech money off of it. Smokin Js was founded on the original principles of the Internet and the unique cultural aspects of the independent cannabis community: To earn your place in the community you must put something back into the community. Through sponsorships, giveaways, street team grants, and our own original content creation, Smokin Js is focused on enhancing and participating in the alternative culture community.

Take a look at the properties we have created to participate in and enhance the cannabis community. We would love to hear from you and hold hands through this cultural journey together.

Realm of Caring:
The Realm of Caring is the best and most legitimate cannabis based national charity. Smokin Js is a proud sponsor of the Realm of Caring. We have created three charity donation drives each year where we perform a free raffle for prizes. They are doing the real work for families and children nation-wide. We are just a happy participant.

Stoner Horoscopes:
Smokin Jay, the founder of Smokin Js is really into astrology and the cosmic effects on humans. A couple years ago he decided to fund the Stoner Horoscope project. He found Adora Zen, and she diagnoses and brings each zodiac sign’s monthly horoscope to the stoner community.

Smokin Jay is always trying to find new and creative ways to enhance the smokin lifestyle. In 2015 he created the #JsSmokeSpot campaign. It's a monthly 420 photography contest where the best smoke spot photo on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Mass Roots is awarded with a Smokin Js prize. Some of the best photos have even been printed and grace the halls and walls of the physical Smokin Js locations.
Like what? Who else is doing this! The Smokin Js brain trust of B Keesy and Hotglew came up with a 420 news program with a twist. It’s a mix of pop culture, cannabis culture, and comedy all in a neat news wrap in under 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

The Smokin Js Street Team:
Hey look over there! It’s a stoner able to leap a small creek in a single bound. Look around the corner. It’s a man, it’s a woman, it’s a Smokin Js Street Teamer! Since the founding of Smokin Js we have always placed more emphasis on reaching out into the community before broadcasting to the same community through advertising. One on one contact goes a lot farther than a radio ad, so says Smokin Jay. The Smokin Js Street Team was created to empower the best Smokin Js community members and have fun along the way.

The Conservative Hippie Podcast:
The founder of Smokin Js lays it out raw and unscripted in his personal podcast about life, the universe, and everything. From stories about cannabis culture in the 90’s to his take on modern politics, The Conservative Hippie Podcast is a showcase of our fearless leader and his journey as an astronaut on this floating spaceship traveling through the universe.

Art Show!:
From the intrepid start of the Smokin Js location in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have participated in an annual Art Prize event and a monthly local neighborhood art walk. This artful inspiration has spread to the original Vancouver Smokin Js location. Art, community, and cannabis culture all collide in one place often at Smokin Js, and we love it!

The Future:
Well, we aren’t sure what the next wild hair Smokin Jay will come up with. But we know it will be something. A little birdy has spoke about a campaign to educate the masses about the legitimacy of cannabis and the sordid past of the natural plant. All we can say at this point is #CallItCannabis coming soon.

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