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Smoke Spot Photo Competition - Smokin Js

Smoke Spot Photo Competition

Smoke Spot Photo Hunting:

Get out and explore our cosmic spaceship!  No matter the location, hunting down that perfect smoke spot is a time honored cultural labor of love.  I love exploring and searching for a unique secret smoke spot vista. 

Whether it be water falls, cliff faces, or secret downtown alleys, smoke spots are everywhere.  You are only limited by your imagination and stash jar.

I took my love for seeking the best secret smoke spots, and turned it into a monthly photo competition!

Keep in mind that secret smoke spots were created during a time of prohibition.  In many ways, you had to find that perfect secret smoke spot to avoid the long arm of the law. 

But beyond the necessity for legal privacy, hunting down that perfect secret smoke spot was a fun activity for the whole smoke circle.  


What Makes a Great Smoke Spot?

I am partial to the great outdoors!  Smokin Js is located in the amazing Pacific Northwest.  From seas to volcanos, we have it all in our terrestrial paradise.

But honestly, the photo competition is all about heart, peace, and composition.

The best photo in any month might be that amazing scenic vista at the end of a long hike.  It could be that chill camp fire at the beach.  Perhaps that secret spot only you know about in the forest.

BUT, not all smoke spots are created equal!  You might have a kick-ass smoke spot right in your house.  I see you with those plush purple pillows!  Or maybe your great smoke spot is on your porch with amazing hanging flower baskets.

We want to share all your great smoke spot photos!  The contest is meant to honor our creative community.


What Makes a Great Smoke Spot Photo?

There are no rules to our smoke spot photo competition!  Glass, dabs, rolled meditative mediums - It doesn't matter what you are smokin on.  The winning photos usually have a glass pipe or rolled blunt in the photo, but it is not required.

It's all about the composition man. 

The photo contest is subjective.  We love a great photo that has balance and uniqueness.  Creativity, location, glass, smiles - They all count in the Smokin Js monthly contest.

The winning shot might come down to the color palate, or it might be the heady glass pipe.  It might be the location, or it might be the photo quality.  It might be the size of the wave, or it might be the detail of the sand. 

If we had clear judging criteria, then the competition might limit that special smoke spot you have in mind.  The key is:  Is it interesting and beautiful?  Tag your photo @JsSmokeSpot, and join our fun community.


Culture - We Want to Nurture Our Smoke Spot Community:

Smokin Js loves bringing people together to extend and share our smokin culture.  We created the @JsSmokeSpot Instagram Photo Competition 6 years ago to share our secret spots with you, and provide a vehicle for you to share your smoke spots with us. 

Why not give away some free swag while we do it!  Every month we sift through the smoke spot photos and photo tagged submissions on Instagram to pick a winner.  There is a cool unique prize each month.

We curate our IG account with amazing shots we find, but the photos tagged @JsSmokeSpot on IG are always given the highest weight in the competition.


Another Amazing Prize in the @JsSmokeSpot Photo Contest

Follow Along and Submit Your Entry:

All of the communication, smoke spot posting, and competition updates will be made on our Instagram account @JsSmokeSpotBE SURE TO FOLLOW!!

This new account will be the conduit to publish all of our great smoke spot photos, share your submissions, announce cool prizes, and notify prize winners.  Check it out and give us a follow today! 

Our contest is completely open to your creativity and style.  No dangerous shots please!  But those scenic vistas are some of my faves.  Our most notorious photo competitor loves waterfalls!

What about that super plush kush smoke spot at your house?  Some of you take pride in that pimped out black light den of combustion.  Whatever you got, tag us in the photo to guarantee your submission. 


How do I enter?

Tag your photo submission @JsSmokeSpot.  Boom, you are entered.  It’s that easy.  Anybody can enter, but we only select winners that are 21+ and US residents.

Tag the photo, not the description.  That way we see it in our feed easy peasy.

Of course it would be cool if you follow @JsSmokeSpot and @SmokinJsLLC

You'll definitely want to follow so you can scope the competition, and participate in the fun culture of smoke spot hunting.  Follow us, you won’t be disappointed.

Winning Examples:



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Jay Fratt - January 8, 2021

Yes. The contest is still running every month. Currently Instagram has a block on hash tag searches. We will retroactively go back to the months since the election and select winners once the search ban is lifted.

Keep posting on IG with #JsSmokeSpot !! Show off those cool smoke spots.

Carl Hovde - November 17, 2020

Teach your children

Ruth - November 17, 2020

Is the contest still running every month?

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