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Smoke Spot Photo Competition Reimagined - Smokin Js

Smoke Spot Photo Competition Reimagined

Get out and explore our cosmic spaceship!  No matter the location, hunting down that perfect smoke spot is a time honored cultural labor of love.  I love exploring and searching for a unique secret smoke spot vista.  Whether it be water falls, cliff faces, or secret downtown alleys, smoke spots are everywhere.  You are only limited by your imagination and stash jar.

Keep in mind that secret smoke spots were created during a time of prohibition.  In many ways, you had to find that perfect secret smoke spot to avoid the long arm of the law.  But beyond the necessity for legal privacy, hunting down that perfect secret smoke spot was a fun activity for the whole ganja gang. 

 Smokin Js loves bringing people together to extend and share our smokin culture.  We created the #JsSmokeSpot Instagram Photo Competition 6 years ago to share our secret spots with you, and provide a vehicle for you to share your smoke spots with us.  And why not give away some free swag while we do it!  Every month we sift through the #JsSmokeSpot submissions on Instagram to pick a winner.  There is a cool unique prize each month.

To mark our 6 year anniversary we are taking the #JsSmokeSpot 420 Photo Competition to the next level.  All of the communication, smoke spot posting, and competition updates will be made on our new Instagram account (@JsSmokeSpot).  This new account will be the conduit to publish all of our great smoke spot photos, share your submissions, announce cool prizes, and notify prize winners.  Check it out and give us a follow today! 

It’s a Competition!

What makes a good photo?

Our contest is completely open to your creativity and style.  For example, we’ve only spoken about smoke spots in nature so far.  What about that super plush kush smoke spot at your house?  Some of you take pride in that pimped out black light den of cannabis consumption.  Whatever you got, tag it with the #JsSmokeSpot, and you are entered.  Everything is subjective, including our judging.  We sift through all the submissions each month, raising the best for consideration.  It might be the color palate, or it might be the piece; it might be the location, or it might be the photo quality; it might be the size of the wave, or it might be the detail of the sand.  If we had clear judging criteria, then the competition might limit that special smoke spot you have in mind.  The key is:  Is it photogenic?  Tag your spot, and join our fun community.

How do I enter?

No rules, but typically we like it when pieces or joints are in the photo.  All you have to do is post your photo on Instagram, and use the hashtag #JsSmokeSpot.  Boom, it’s that easy.  Of course it would be cool if you follow @JsSmokeSpot and @SmokinJsLLC.  You'll definitely want to follow so you can scope the competition, and participate in the fun culture of smoke spot hunting.  Follow us, you won’t be disappointed.


Winning Examples:

Jay Fratt

I'm the Jay in Smokin Js. What a long strange trip it's been. Since 1997. Anything can be achieved with hard work and the right attitude. #positivity I am passionate about soccer, economics, podcasting, politics, and cannabis culture. I believe logic and common sense can solve any problem.

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Jay Fratt - January 8, 2021

Yes. The contest is still running every month. Currently Instagram has a block on hash tag searches. We will retroactively go back to the months since the election and select winners once the search ban is lifted.

Keep posting on IG with #JsSmokeSpot !! Show off those cool smoke spots.

Carl Hovde - November 17, 2020

Teach your children

Ruth - November 17, 2020

Is the contest still running every month?

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