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Goodbye Longview After 14 Years - Smokin Js

Goodbye Longview After 14 Years

Thank you Longview!  After 14 great years in the community, I must close my doors and move forward with my great adventure on our cosmic spaceship.

In 2006 I moved my family back to Cowlitz County, my home.  At that time there was only a meth infested pipe shop downtown.  So I opened up my second Smokin Js location to serve the community with pride and honesty.  14 years later it seems that Longview has more cannabis retail locations per-capita than any other community in the state.  I guess I was ahead of the curve.

Longview will always hold a special place in my heart.  My life partner and I raised our boys in our quaint mill town.  From CVG, to Cascade, and finally Mark Morris, we always found safety and eager involvement from our community members.  And the support shown for my small business was always humbling and appreciated.

My business is not failing!  In fact, I would love to continue serving you directly to your door.  The Smokin Js website is a full service outlet for your smokin lifestyle.  And to this day I get all the website emails directly to me.  I'm ready to serve as always.  

Life changes.  I've grown tired of the seven-day-a-week lifestyle of running a far flung small business.  Something had to change to get my lifestyle to match my interests.  After all, I started Smokin Js when I was 23 years old.  Now I'm 46.  Condensing my sphere of responsibility is a natural way to move my company forward as I transition to the next stage of life.

So maybe "goodbye" isn't the best phrasing.  Smokin Js is still open in Vancouver, Centralia, Olympia, and Online for now.  I'm still a Washingtonian, and a Cowlitz County native at heart.  I would love for you to join my digital community.  I publish Stoner Horoscopes each month, the #JsSmokeSpot 420 Photo Competition is lit af, and the Conservative Hippie Podcast is my latest passion project.

Until we meet again,

Jay Fratt


Note in response to comment below: Northwest Glass was a store in the Longview/Kelso area, but it was not the store on Commerce I was referring to.  I think Northwest Glass had closed by that time (circa 2009), and the shop on Commerce was the only one in town (Longview).  I was not referring to Northwest Glass, and the shop on Commerce 100% had meth pipes ... big facts.

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Mike Burnell - March 23, 2021

I would like to correct you because of false statements. I have also spent most of my life in Longview, but for 1 if it wasn’t for J.P. Stahl opening Northwest Glass in 98 there wouldn’t have been a smoking j’s in Longview. I gurentee that wasn’t a meth glass shop. Just get your facts straight.

DOREEN - November 17, 2020

I’ll miss Rastasean and all the other cool workers there.

DOREEN - November 17, 2020

I am so relieved to learn you’re accepting online orders. I was heartbroken to see the space on 15th shuttered. I thought maybe a COVID takedown but am delighted with the new options. Congratulations on you and your family’s 21st century lifestyle of having the ease of an online business. I’ll be putting in an order soon.

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