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New Artist Feature - Fire and Earth Studios - Smokin Js

New Artist Feature - Fire and Earth Studios

What a long strange trip it's been.  Ivan, the founder and master glass blower of Fire and Earth Studios has traveled a long path on his artistic adventure with borosilicate glass.  He has worn many hats on his personal adventure including owning a glass shop and a 502 Washington State recreational cannabis business.  But in the end, Ivan is an artist, and melting glass is his passion.

Smokin Js is proud to carry Fire and Earth Studios glassware.  And we have gotten off to a flaming start. 

Ivan is a natural fit with Smokin Js because he believes in creating innovative designs that can be produced at an affordable price.  Quality and value are held above all.  Each piece is a precision hand crafted work of art and function.

The Fire and Earth Studios creates a wide variety of products that include old school pull carb slides and bright colors.  The above picture is The Lounger, a laid back little bubbler that is part zig zag Zong, and part recliner.

This picture above, The Chugger, is the first collaboration between Smokin Js and Ivan.  We brought him the design and the concept, and he cooked up this beefy "chugger" of a water pipe in his lab.  This natural perc bubbler really chuggs!

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