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Text Line - Real People - Real Customer Service

Text Line - Real People - Real Customer Service

360-747-1883 Seven Days A Week 10-7 PST

The retail world is overrun with bots! Bots I tell you, BOTS! ChatBot this and Automated FAQ that. When was the last time you tried to get an online store on the phone? Automation has killed the retail star.

Not at Smokin Js! We are here to serve. Really. Our customer service line is answered by a real human, not some ChatBot. When you text us, you receive a real response, not some automated rabbit hole of what the programming thinks you want.


We have countless examples of customers delighted shock when we text them to confirm a banger size or text color options on their new glass pipe. We love to be shockingly good!

Just because a store is online doesn't mean you should lower your expectations of customer service. Our customer service representatives love helping people, even if they are in another state.


We can be your personal shopper. "I'm looking for a big bowl with a thick shaft," that's what she said. When you text us, we can give you live images of the pieces available. That way, you get to pick out the exact piece you receive. 

Wondering what a banger would look like on that water pipe or bubbler? Yup, we'll set it up and text you a pic. And we always serve with a smile and enthusiasm. For 25 years Smokin Js has never been the coolest, just the best.

Try us out. Give us a text - 360-747-1883 Seven Days A Week 10-7 PST

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