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Vancouver Store Closing After 25 Years

Vancouver Store Closing After 25 Years

It's difficult to say goodbye to Vancouver, Wa.  I was 23 years old when I took the step off the cliff of corporate employment into the void of entrepreneurialism.  25 years later, I must take another step toward my future by letting go of the past.
On August 4th 1997 I opened my first retail store in Downtown Vancouver, Wa.  It was a mission to bring common sense and education to thwart the decades of propaganda surrounding cannabis.  Its was a successful mission as Washington State legalized medical cannabis, and then finally recreational cannabis.  Unfortunately my main mission to bring hemp back into our farming industry still waits for the right levers.
But I'm on a new mission now!  As a young man I learned about the propaganda and false realities placed on a natural plant.  As I continued on my adventure in life, I kept investigating anomalies and false narratives presented to the public.  I remained consistent in my political beliefs, and yet the world around me changed from psychological influences few seemed to recognize.
I have to close the Vancouver Smokin Js location so that I may focus on my job as Campaign Director for BoernerTheUSA Presidential Campaign.  It's an overwhelming task, but I have stepped into the void once before. 
I will be successful once again!  Eric Jon Boerner for Presdient!
As life progresses, the memory seems more like slides moving quickly on a fuzzy screen.  You may not recognize the impact and importance of people in real time, but their presence remains burnt into the personal slides of life.
After 25 years I have had so many people come in and out of the Smokin Js Vancouver bubble.  From customers to employees to competitors and vendors, they all made up a conglomeration of one heck of an adventure.  I am blessed to have all the experiences they brought to assist me in reaching my current stage.
One of the coolest things I found in my retailing adventure was working with glass artists.  I always respected the individualism of an entrepreneurial artist, and tried to support them with my store.
There are brilliant people lurking everywhere in the strangest of places.  People that forge an uncommon path for themselves without the constraints of societal blueprints.
My goal was to find a symbiotic relationship between the local glass blower and the retail counter.  It was a struggle at times, but a worthwhile endeavor.
But wait there's MORE!  The Smokin Js journey is not ending!  Just morphing into something more manageable for a work-a-holic on a mission to save the world.
smokin-js-online-headshopWe are willing, ready, and able to serve you seven days a week from  And if you are road trippin north, stop by and say HIGH at our Centralia and Olympia locations.
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