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2021 Smokin Holiday Gift Guide - Smokin Js

2022 Smokin Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Smokin Gift Giving Guide

Tis the season!  It’s that time again.  Christmas!  Whether you are Christian or a different faith, Christmas marks the number one gift giving season of the year. 

Gift giving is an art and a talent.  We all know the gift cards are great, but a true gift comes from the heart, and it attaches special meaning to the tradition of giving.  A great gift says everything you want to say about a person without words.

I’ve been in retail for 25 years.  You might say I have become a master at helping people pick out the right gift to convey that special connection with another person.  Let’s start out with some rules and guidelines before I give you some examples.


Rules of Gift Giving

#1:  Price does not matter.
Gift giving is all about the connection, not the price tag.  A luxurious expensive gift may miss the mark, just as easily as a cheap gift.  Sentiment is the primary guiding force behind a great gift.  The perfect gift may come with a price tag well below budget.

#2:  Giving is an opportunity, not an obligation.
Positivity throughout the gift giving process starts with the buyer.  Everyone needs a reminder that true gift giving is not an obligation.  Gift giving is an opportunity to create a positive connection between the giver and the receiver.

#3:  Perspective is the key.
Take yourself out of the process.  A great gift does not multitask as your next favorite thing.  The receiver’s perspective should always drive the gift.  You may love purple, but does the receiver share your color bond?

#4:  Release expectations.  
You have done the work.  A thoughtful gift with a special connection is given.  Now, release any expectations you have for the receiver’s reaction or enjoyment of the gift.

Great Gifts at Smokin Js

I created a special collection of unique items that make great gifts.  You can find the entire collection here, or at the end of this blog.

Here are a few notable unique gifts that top my list!


Glass by Nobody Pipe
You will look like an all star giving a custom Nobody Glass piece to any friend or loved one.  Each piece is unique, and they are hard to obtain!  No other store has his pieces.  Artist enforced retail pricing ensures affordability.  If you are ordering online, we text pictures to ensure you get the exact one you choose!

The Perfect Dry Herb Vaporizer
Give the gift of health.  Maybe your partner-in-chronic has hinted at enjoying the sacred herb with less combustion.  This little portable vaporizer has been dubbed “The Perfect Vaporizer.”  It takes the butane and carcinogens almost completely out of the smoking process.


Tarot - Books - Sage
Do you have a witchy woman in your smoke circle?!?  We have tarot and oracle card decks perfect for that mystic maven.  And even if you have no idea what sage smudging is, but you know your friend talks about cleansing all the time while burning grass - Yeah, that's sage, and we got you covered for that perfect gift.


The Duo Smart Rig

What's better than the Puffco Peak, and costs a benjamin less?  The High Five Duo!  This baby gives larger inhalations, and the battery lasts longer.  This little scientific dabber is all the rage - flashing lights, a custom carrying bag, and the atomizer lasts for months!

I’m wishing you the best during the gift giving season.  Thoughtfulness and positivity will see you through with more love in your life.  I hope my gift giving rules and ideas helped you in your quest.  Please search our entire catalog for your perfect gift.  Feel free to use coupon code GIVING for 10% off your order at any Smokin Js location or at

Jay Fratt
Smokin Js



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