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We get it all the time working at Smokin Js, “What’s your favorite piece?”  With so many choices it’s hard to answer.  But we thought it was about time to pin our crew down, and make them choose.  You can find the entire collection below.


Jay - A tragic event happened!  I broke my 1997 Jah Creation water pipe.  Only the second water pipe I have ever owned.  Super sad day.

After a couple months of mourning and using my Smokin Js dry herb vape, we got these thick ass Smokin Js beaker bongs in stock.  It comes with a large honeycomb screen slide so my ground herb can stay fluffy and yet I can pack enough to deliver the goods.  But it's the weight and size I love the most.  Everything matches in terms of height, width, and weight.  I wonder if this one will last me 23 years like my last companion did.


Shelby - Honestly, I just really liked the way the GooRoo Side-Car Bubbler looked, particularly its smaller size.  I like longer mouthpieces on my bubblers. I tend to gravitate towards smaller pieces, and I like cleaner looking, clear scientific pieces in general, and it checked all those boxes. When I first saw it, I was already thinking about taking it home with me. After I water tested it--it was one of the best I’ve tried--I knew I had to have it.

Ali B's Fave

Alli - I have so much glass that I love love love.  It’s really hard to pick a favorite.  But there is one pipe I hold daily, and I cherish its form and function.  This little Scott Sherrell thumb carb mini bong is my daily driver :)  I love the compact design, color changing glass, and the super smooth hits I get.  The size of the bowl is perfect for my porch sitting smoke sessions.  There is a connection between my herb, the pipe, and the glass blower.  I love American made pipes because I know they are made by smokers for smokers.


Brianna - My current favorite piece is the High5 DUO. I’ve been wanting an electronic rig for years, but none of them ever had everything I was looking for; until I found this. I love the colors that cycle through while I’m hitting, I love the size and how portable it is.  But most importantly I love how quickly it heats up, and that I can take low temp, flavorful dabs.  But also that I can take fat dabs with no issues whatsoever. Just as good, if not better than hitting a regular rig! I tell all of my friends they need one of these, it’s truly a game changer. 15/10 recommend to absolutely anyone who is a dabber.

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