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Quartz Blender Nail Set

by NA
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Hot off the quartz factory floor!  This is the new Terp Blender Quartz Banger Set that comes complete with the quartz cyclone blender banger, terp pearls, and matching glass marble carb cap.

Use the drop down menu to select 90 or 45 degree.  Both 14mm.

This innovative quartz banger design finished 1st in a review of the Best Quartz Bangers of 2022.

The Terp Blender Quartz Banger features a sleek 20mm wide & 45mm deep bucket, with a 40mm wide & 4mm thick cyclone blender quartz plate attached to the bottom.  The blender plate uses signature cyclone spiral air channels, which are engraved deep into the quartz dish.  The spiral design creates a cyclone shaped air flow inside the bucket, which is ideal for spinning terp pearls.

The unique cyclone channels carved into the quartz blender dish create a unique air flow that allows for an easy draw.  With the glass marble carb cap placed on top of the quartz blender banger, all the air flow comes through the cyclone channels.  Users have noted that the easy draw is noticeable compared to other quartz banger sets.

For proper use of this set, place the terp pearls inside the bucket before heating the blender plate from the bottom for at least 45 seconds.

Let the quartz nail cool for as long as you heated it up for, if not 10-20 seconds longer (heating and cooling times will vary dependent on the size of concentrate glob or your personal preference).  Place the marble carb cap on top of the bucket before melting any glob onto the quartz blender dish.  For the best experience, inhale through the water pipe as you melt the glob onto the blender plate.  This will immediately draw the concentrate puddle into the bucket through the spiral cyclone channels.  As you inhale, the terp pearl set will spin around inside the bucket, helping distribute heat and aiding in an efficient melt.

Each Cyclone Blender Nail Set Comes With:

 - Pure Quartz Cyclone Blender Banger

 - Two Terp Pearls, One Color Matching the Marble Carb Cap

 - One Glass Marble Carb Cap

Our inventory is always changing.  We have several colors in stock in the terp pearl marble set.  Request your color in the notes box at check out.