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6 Best Quartz Bangers of 2021 [RATED] - Smokin Js

6 Best Quartz Bangers of 2021 [RATED]

The torches were fired up!  The jars loaded with concentrates!  And the best quartz bangers of 2021 were laid out.  Everything was on the line for the quartz banger showdown.  We even tapped our best expert in dab-ology, Dabbin Dave Rowden to judge the quartz nail competition.

First, before we get to the reviews, ratings, and results, let me explain the criteria for which we measured this all-star line-up of pure quartz bangers.  Dabbin Dave had five criteria to individually measure with all six concentrate nails:

Heat Retention, Ease of Maintenance, Dab Size Versatility, Flavor Delivery, and Smoothness

We tried to use criteria in which a consumer could consider each individual criteria as most important so as to give us the widest range of measurement.  In the end, once all the individual criteria were weighted equally, we had the definitive list of The Top Quartz Banger of 2021 Rated!

Review Criteria:

 - Heat Retention

In all my efforts, I have never been able to toke up in the wind without getting the flame to stay lit long enough.  Similarly, to get the most out of your concentrates, you need your nail to stay hot enough for long enough

All of our quartz banger contestants have the same function, retaining heat. However, each quartz banger has a unique combination of surface area & wall thickness; both factors will affect how long you have for an efficient melt. 

All surfaces need to be heated, typically thicker areas will be heated for longer than thinner areas of quartz. Don't forget, the thicker a surface, the slower it cools down.  Scoring high in this category means very little heat is lost when a sizable glob is placed on the quartz nail.  

The Blender Terp Pearl Set was the highest rated with 5 stars on Heat Retention.


 - Ease of Maintenance

Every concentrate enthusiast gets annoyed by some sort of cleaning.  For most it seems repetitive cleaning is the most horrid.  So the easier this repetition is, the less we might lose our minds.  A common cleaning method for quartz nails is simply burning off all the residual material

If the consumption process was done correctly, the small amount of residue will be mostly carbon, and is not worth reheating for consumption. 

When the nail needs cleaned, use your torch to evenly heat up the entire head of the nail; this will take longer than heating it up for consumption.  In addition, torch cleaning does not have to happen in a single heating, as long as the nail does not fully cool to room temperature, torch cleaning is recommended to be done in sessions

Since torch cleaning can take some time, use a cotton swab to wipe out any residue, this will extend the time between deep cleanings, and allows your sesh to vibe on!  Receiving a low rank in ease of maintenance means the quartz nail design requires more attention than just a simple cotton swab to get ready for the next dab.  

The Cyclone Carb Cap Set and Quartz Castle tied for the top spot with 4 stars for Ease of Maintenance.

 - Dab Size Versatility

We could all agree that a vending machine with only a single product option only caters to people who like that one snack.  In the same way, not everyone likes a big ole glob of a dab.  Most people prefer small amounts, because after all, a little dab-will-do-ya. 

Each quartz banger design can be thought of as an individual with its own preference of dab size.  Some are very diverse, and work well with any amount.  Others will only work well with a specific size.  The majority of nails will be quite average, being good for any size of dab, as long as it's not too big. 

If a nail only performs well with a certain amount of material, be it big or small, it may score low in dab size versatility.  

The Blender Terp Pearl Set was the highest rated with 5 stars on Dab Size Versatility.

 - Flavor Delivery

To relate this to something everyone is familiar with lets reference food again. We eat not just because we need the energy, we also eat because it tastes good!  Dabbing can provide massive flavor from your concentrate material.  And just like in cooking, it matters what pan you use. 

In my experience, I have found that the more surface area a nail has, the more flavor will be delivered.  But the quartz banger also has to be able to spread the concentrate throughout the surface area in the design of function. 

This is a tricky criteria, but my taste buds are tantalizingly ready for the job.  If a nail consistently provides an efficient melt, it will likely have a higher rank in flavor delivery.  

The Terp Slurper Marble Set was the highest rated with 5 stars on Flavor Delivery.

 - Smoothness

Last but certainly not least, smoothness is kinda like asking how well the team worked together.  Even though it was a winner, did each aspect have a positive or negative effect on any of the other aspects?

If we had to connect smoothness to a single thing, it would be the relationship between surface area temperature and airflow.

It's important to note that smoothness is also affected by the user's ability to execute the process.  Nobody wants a hot shot from their quartz banger, but often it’s the dabbin dude harshin the groove. 

The smoothness of a quartz nail is affected by the balance of heat retention, and melt efficiency.  A higher rank indicates a better balance. 

The Blender Terp Pearl Set and Terp Slurper Marble Set tied with 5 stars on Smoothness.


And we have the results!  We took an average of the total stars for each criteria to discover which quartz banger is the best of 2021!

Quartz Banger Review Results:

#1: Blender Quartz Banger Terp Pearl Set:  4.4 Stars 



Bold, strong and ready to get the job done.  The Blender Quartz Banger Terp Pearl Set stands firmly as our number one concentrate nail. 

By its appearance it's obviously a strong piece of hardware.  The big eye catcher is that big cyclone etched blender dish on the bottom.  It reminds me of Captain America's shield.  Jokes aside, the quartz plate serves two important functions:  Heat Retention and Air Flow. 

This set uses a marble cap to close all air off from the top of the quartz bucket, and route it through the cyclone channels that are carved into the quartz blender plate.  This key feature creates the perfect environment inside the deep bucket to both distribute heat, and spin two terp pearls perfectly. 

Between the beefy quartz plate and the super deep quartz bucket we find plenty of surface area that is combined with an equal amount of thick and thin quartz.  This provides the blender quartz banger set with smooth potent flavor. 

Overall the blender quartz banger terp pearl set ranked on the high end of the scale on most rating criteria.  The only exception being the 3 out of 5 stars for Ease of Maintenance.  Keeping a concentrate nail clean is a difficult task, and I won't deny that terp pearls don't make it any easier. 

The great combination of surface area thickness and heat retention allows this nail to be kept clean with moderate effort.  The blender quartz banger itself is easily kept clean just like a regular bucket (see cyclone carb cap set). 

The big annoyance is the terp pearls.  Cleaning of terp pearls can happen inside the bucket as you torch clean the bucket.  But it can take longer because the pearls steal heat from the nail, and can also prevent the carbon from releasing out of the quartz.  

#2: Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Marble Set:  4 Stars


Eye candy seems to be a trend as we have another beautiful looking nail.  The Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Marble Set is possibly our most innovative concentrate nail on the list.

This quartz banger features a short bucket with a reduced vapor tube that extends down, attaching to the center of a melt dish.  Three angled slits allow flow between the outside of the dish to the inside of the tube. 

Along with this complex nail we have a pill shaped pearl, a large terp pearl that acts as a splash-reducing valve, and a marble cap.  A cool function of the terp slurper is you can use it both with and without the pearl set; the only required piece is the marble cap. 

The basic procedure is to heat up the dish and tube first, let it cool before placing the marble cap on top, then melting the glob into the dish.  The marble cap routes air flow from the bottom dish through the slits into the vapor tube and up into the rig.  The terp pearls retain heat, therefore are great to help melt larger amounts of concentrates. 

If you use the pearls, place the pill first, to rest in the tube, then place the pearl on the opening of the tube. Your heating time will increase from using the set without the terp pearls. 

The design of the Terp Sluper Quartz Banger has a massive amount of surface area that is backed with thin quartz in most spots.  What is created by this combination is strong heat retention that results in a perfectly balanced smooth flavor. 

Over my time with the terp slurper marble set I was constantly surprised by how consistent all aspects of the melting process stayed.  Even using various amounts of concentrates, the consistency remained.  I was able to serve up lil' baby dabs as well as a big ole glob, and the quality was the same on both, it is quite amazing!  

The part where the fun ends is when it's time to clean this awesome quartz banger set. 

The terp pearls in this set are both the MVP and the pain in the side. Since the pearls create an enclosed area inside the vapor tube, it's best to remove the pearls after every couple of uses to allow for cleaning.

Remember, you have been torching the nail and pearls during use, so everything is very hot!  Use extreme caution when removing the pearls,  you will need to allow them to cool for some time before removal. 

Since this is a complex design using cotton swabs for maintenance/cleaning is optional, torch clean often works just fine thanks to the large amount of thin quartz surface area.

#3: Cyclone Carb Cap Quartz Banger Set: 3.2 Stars


When I first started dabbing the quartz bucket banger was just starting to become widely known in culture.  I personally started with a dome & quartz nail, and quickly found myself using a titanium bucket.  A slightly burnt metallic taste got old quickly, so I picked up my first quartz bucket banger; the small kind with a slanted top. 

Myself along with the majority of dabbers used this classic style of bucket banger for quite some time, and a lot of people still do. When I started using the Cyclone Carb Cap Quartz Banger Set, the first thing I noticed was all the little quirks and inconsistency that normally came with dabbing on quartz, were evened out. 

This set comes with a deep 25mm wide flat top quartz bucket that utilizes a thin wall paired with a thicker bottom for moderate heat retention.  The open design of the bucket allows for easy use of the provided terp pearls, and a perfect fit of the carb cap. 

The terp pearls help retain heat, and spin at the bottom of the bucket by the cyclone cap.  This relationship supports the melt of your concentrate, and results in a steady smooth flavor. 

This nail set is potentially the most well rounded and easy to use of the group.  I see it as the perfect balance of basic functionality and complex effectiveness, not to mention it practically cleans itself. 

Wiping it out with a cotton swab in between use will make it one of the easiest nails you will ever work with.  Despite ranking third in the group, the Cyclone Carb Cap Quartz Banger Set is definitely the best quartz banger for beginners.

#4: Quartz Castle Domeless Nail:  3 Stars


All the other nails in this list share a similar bucket shape.  The Quartz Castle Domeless Nail on the other hand, looks more like a flower bowl than a concentrate nail. 

The clever use of thin quartz, little surface area, and high air flow makes the Quartz Castle a very smooth and flavorful unit. 

This quartz nail performs amazingly in the lightweight dab division.  When it starts to go up against larger globs is where the quality of features start to diminish. 

Since the Quartz Castle is an elegant, but also simple design, it makes very little change to the feel and function of the rig it's on.  That being said, it means the Quartz Castle will bring out the true function of a concentrate rig. 

The dabbing process can start to become time consuming, especially when dabbing back to back; that's where the quick heating and cooling of the Quartz Castle Domeless Nail comes in handy. 

The low heat retention allows the quartz nail to stay relatively clean during repetitive use.

When your Quartz Castle reaches the point of needing deep cleaning, I would recommend finding a quartz safe cleaner to soak and rinse clean.  Torch cleaning this small and thin quartz nail could cause damage to either the nail or yourself.  Always be careful!

#5: Thermochromic Quartz Banger:  2.6 Stars

Most of us have learned to ride a bicycle at some point.  Having a set of training wheels, or guidelines, makes the process a lot more comfortable. 

The Thermochromic Quartz Banger uses the power of science to guide you through a successful dabbing experience.  This quartz bucket banger is designed with a double wall/floor, creating an air space that never has smoke/concentrate contact. 

Inside this insulated space is thermochromic color changing frit.  The color changing frit is a coarse powder that as it heats up, it will change color in reaction to the temperature change. 

This cool science experiment allows a person to learn what colors coordinate to what temperature, and as a result they can get comfortable with the heating processes. The Thermochromic Quartz Banger allows the dabber to more easily find their preferred temperature range. 

Not only is this a great tool to learn the basics of dabbing with, but it also makes outdoor consumption a bit easier.  Being able to "see the temperature" helps in a number of situations and is part of what makes this nail great, but it does come with some sacrifice. The Thermochromic Quartz Banger simply gets the job done, and therefore performs very average.

#6: Diamond Loop Quartz Banger Set:  2.6 Stars


One of the biggest pet peeves to me, and most dabbers, is having part of your melted glob get sucked up the neck of the nail, and into your rig. This build up of residue is typically referred to as reclaim, and is an inevitable part of dabbing. 

Luckily, creative minds have engineered several ways to reduce the amount of reclaim that gets lost into your rig; of course the most common being a reclaim catcher.  With a reclaim catcher your rig stays clean, but any reclaim caught by the catcher is still concentrate that didn't get consumed.

The Diamond Loop Quartz Banger Set is designed to combat this issue. In its name the word ‘diamond’ is referring to the removable quartz knot that acts as a heating core.  This piece has several ridges & slits to maximize surface area.

The most noticeable feature of this nail is the ‘loop’ attached to the bottom and side of the quartz bucket. 

The last key to this set is the needle nose carb cap that helps cycle melting concentrate through the quartz nail. 

Essentially the ‘loop’ is a built-in reclaim for your quartz banger.

You apply heat to the side of the bucket making sure heat penetrates to the center of the quartz knot, and before cutting the torch you apply some heat to the loop.  You melt that monstrous glob into the bucket, and then after you place that needle nose carb cap on, you notice the puddle start to recycle back on top of the diamond insert.

As you inhale and exhale you will be amazed by the lack of residue reaching the neck of the quartz nail.  The problem in quartz banger paradise is that the Diamond Loop Quartz Banger Set works best with giant globs, thus making it one of the more complicated units with least versatility.

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