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10mm Shitpost

10mm Shitpost

Hogwash I say!  Hogwash!  Is the 10mm ground joint option a profiteering scam?  Is it an incompetent mistake?  Or could 10mm be the bee’s knees in the wax game?  Let’s discuss.

But please, please, those of you who are big fans of the 10mm joint size, don’t get your buds in a bunch.  Leave a comment with why you love it.

So it’s pretty clear by now, I think the 10mm joint size is a complete waste of space and a ridiculous accessory for dabbing.  In the end I will give the reasons for why it is loved by some.  But for now let’s flush out the two options on the scale of poop invention:  Scam or Idiocy?

It’s a Scam Man!

Throughout my decades working at Smokin Js, I have had a couple people come into the store and tell me about their theory on ground joints.  Not just 10mm, but all ground joints!  They think the entire ground joint invention is a scam for glass blowers and shop owners to reap profits on new functionless glass designs.  More parts … more money … that’s the line of thinking.

I do not subscribe to this stretch of a conspiracy theory.  

First, there is a function in a ground joint design that improves the overall process of a water pipe.  The sealed ground joint doesn’t allow air to stream into the smoking process, creating a more robust smoke from the slide.  For the older people in the audience, it is why you put downward pressure on a traditional California carb when you burn a bowl.  You have to forcibly create the seal so air doesn’t slip past the thin oring.  A ground joint eliminates this nuisance of air flow.  

Second, there is no maniacal and malicious union of glass blowers greedily grouped in secret to plan the next big revenue stream heist from poor smokers.

Innovation in the glass industry occurs from independent artists coming up with something new, and then it catching on to the rest of the collective.  They steal ideas and techniques from each other like no other industry I have ever seen.

Third, all those ground joints are made in China!  If glass blowers had long term profits in mind they would keep those down stems and sleeves unground so then they would always be needed for replacements!

Along this line of thought, I highly disregard any theory that 10mm ground joints were created as a conspiracy of profit.

Utter Incompetence You Fool!

“Oh man, that micro dab rig hits so smooth … cough, cough, hack, cough.”  At some point dab enthusiasts decided, or determined, that the smaller the form factor of their rig, the better the smoking experience.  Insert shrugging shoulder emoji here … LMFAO emoji here!  So the logic follows that the micro dab rig needs a small form factor banger, aka the invention of the 10mm joint size.

Yes, I believe the concept is silly at best, and tragically incompetent at worst.  But hey, some people may actually think a tiny puddle of water creates a smoother hit.


I appreciate that I'm biased.  Working at Smokin Js, we try to have all the odds and ends for your smokin lifestyle.  One more f’ing size ground joint means a plethora of products that must be sourced and stocked.  But here is a story that might explain my stance on incompetence creating the 10mm ground joint.

When the dab game first hit the scene a decade ago, glass blowers came up with a unique and novel design to cater to the latest smoking craze:  A dome and a nail.  BUT, to complicate things unnecessarily they reversed the 14mm ground joint so that the male now became attached to the rig, and the female was now the dome connection.  The first time I saw it I was like, “Wait, why don’t you find a way to use the traditional female ground joint design?”  

NOPE!  Innovation has no time for forward thinking critiques.  

So as time went on this male/female reversal found its way to rigs specifically built for dabbing.  But bangers innovated beyond the dome & nail setup.  Again, “Why don’t you just use a female ground joint and male banger?”  

NOPE!  Innovation always has moments of overcoming stubbornness.

Fast forward to today.  I think there might be one dab rig with a male ground joint gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in the corner of a Smokin Js location.

Perhaps it should be given to the Museum of Poor Design and Rushed Innovation.  Next to this soon-to-be mythical rig will rest all the female bangers that nobody wants or needs anymore.

I see the 10mm aspect of dabbing in the same way.  Why can’t it be done with the more standard 14mm size to make everyone’s life easier?  I can’t tell you how many times a poor smoker’s soul has come into Smokin Js to find this one specific part to fit their 10mm dab rig, and we don't have it.  Custom design has its privileges and drawbacks.  Insert sad face emoji here … NOT. lol!

In the end I think the 10mm phenomenon is like that cool thing on Instagram you saw.  That cool kid had it so it must be good, and you need one too.  As far as functional smoking goes, it only adds frustration and heartache to your smokin lifestyle.

You're Wrong!  10mm is the Bees Knees to my Wax Game!

Ok boomer.  Your ignorance belies your flower fandom.  

There is a point to the small form factor of dab rigs.  They produce a more restricted and direct air flow that enhances the flavor profile and dab efficiency.  There are tangible benefits to the smaller size of dab rigs … 100%!

Hence, these small form factor dab rigs require equally miniaturized attachments.  10mm bangers were an innovative solution to the decreasing size of dab rigs.  The decreased size of the banger not only assists in the consistent restriction of the rig itself, but the miniaturization of the banger also decreases the size and weight of the attachment.

Have you seen a miniature dab rig with a 14mm joint?  It looks odd, and then the larger banger even more odd.  The unbalanced setup does not only looks strange to the eye, but the weight and balance of the overall setup is thrown off by these larger tools.

10mm bangers are here to stay as are small form factor dab rigs.  You would be smart to sell appropriate accessories in your store!

Nobody should have anything to say about your opinion on male joints.  Innovation clearly outpaced logic on that one.  Death to male jointed dab rigs!  Long live 10mm accessories!

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