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Free Stickers

Free Stickers

YES!!!  Free stickers!


Throughout the years ... cough ... cough ... DECADES, I have received thousands of requests for free swag.  Every request is honored, respected, and appreciated.

One of the slogans I came up with a long time ago, "We aren't the coolest, just the best," still rings true to this day.  We put a lot of time and effort into creating a retailing environment of SERVICE, QUALITY, and AFFORDABILITY.

So when people want Smokin Js swag I get a little blushed.  

Honestly I'm a bit weak in the self-promotion game.  There aren't nearly as many Smokin Js swag merch as you would expect.  But I'm trying to get better. 

This old head can smoke new ideas!

We recently came up with a new sticker to celebrate another year in the headshop life.  Why not let people know, and offer it for free?


So other guys might give you a bunch of requirements like social media shout outs, reviews, or "with purchase" ... Not Us!  At Smokin Js free means free.

Send us an email:

Include your full name, address, and an email address.  That's it.  A fresh sticker or two will be on its way.


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Lora Collins - October 8, 2023

ALL your products are AWESOME!!!

Melanie Whitford - October 8, 2023

I love the bluntness of your swag . Smoking js is what I do best

Angela - October 8, 2023

I just love stickers 😍 and I seen yours smokinjs and loved them. My Son Dylan Quinton ❤️ passed away at 21 years old I love journaling and use my stickers through books. P.S love when you wrote Free Is Free cause there are gimmicks like crazy… God Bless 🙏

Frank Mendoza - October 8, 2023

Smokinjs is the spot for all your smoking needs

Ed Summerton - September 25, 2022

Thanks for stickers

Edward Summerton - September 25, 2022

Thanks for stickers

James Griffin - March 30, 2022

Loved your rolling papers with the last order. Like free stickers!!

Kimberly Risley - March 30, 2022

Love your products, would love a free sticker.

John - March 30, 2022

I bought a Sherlock Holmes pipe. And I love it Very beautiful A work of art If you need a pipe Smoking js The place to buy 1 or 2

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