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Custom Heady Glass Giveaway

Custom Heady Glass Giveaway


That custom one-off heady glass pipe by one of your favorite glass blowers is always a little too pricy ... right?  You like the idea of auctions, but then the price gets out of your range ... am I right?

We've all been there.  But I have the solution this month!  Why not win a legitimate custom heady glass piece for free!  Yeah ... that's the ticket!  A free glass pipe. Better yet, a free heady piece!


We were able to snag an extra special glass piece by Leviathan Glass.  But instead of putting a price tag for sale, we thought this would be the perfect piece for a Halloween Glass Giveaway.

The Rules!

  • The giveaway will be performed on Instagram:
  • Follow @smokinjsllc on Instagram
  • Tag a friend in one of the official giveaway posts
  • Register at
  • Must be 18+ to enter.

Winner will be picked at random.  Winner announced on Nov 2nd.

The Prize!


Let's take a look at this amazingly creative custom heady glass pipe.  Is it a snail?  Is it an alien?  Is it a cartoon creature from a tripped-out television series?  I guess all those answers can be found with the person who wins this cute little guy, or girl, or androgynous creature.

Dale Strand, head honcho at Leviathan Glass, created this little hand blown glass monster.  The sherlock tail acts as the mouthpiece.  The body is the bowl. 

The head is just there to make sure you smoke it right! 


The body is made up of two inside out gold fumed reversals.  One side has mushrooms growing out of the side, and the other side has the carb and mushroom spores.

The head is all derped-out with big-flex glass blowing by Dale.  Only from Leviathan Glass will you find derpy teeth made like this.  This creature is truly special!

And yes, how could you not notice that this hand blown glass pipe creature from beyond has excellent vision!  Dale created a smoking monster with fourth eye vision.  That's one dimension above third eye vision for those keeping track!

How to Enter?


Entry is pretty easy.  First, you need an Instagram account

Second, you must be at least 18 years of age or older.  

Third, find @smokinjsllc and follow.

Fourth, tag a friend as a comment on one of the Official Glass Giveaway prize posts at the Smokin Js IG account.  Be nice, tag a friend who might also like to win this sweet piece of custom hand blown glass.

Finally, register with ... click here.

That's it!  You are entered.  The winner must follow all the steps in the rules.  A random winner will be selected on the 2nd of November. 

Awesome!  Thanks for finding us!  We are always ready to serve in-person and on-line.

Jay Fratt

I'm the Jay in Smokin Js. What a long strange trip it's been. Since 1997. Anything can be achieved with hard work and the right attitude. I am passionate about soccer, economics, podcasting, politics, and cannabis culture. I believe logic and common sense can solve any problem.

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