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Sage Spirit Cleansing - Smokin Js

Sage Spirit Cleansing

Here at Smokin Js, we are always searching for the best vibes and the most positive atmosphere to surround ourselves. Sometimes that can be incredibly difficult to do with the barrage of icky energy coming from every direction no our terrestrial plane.

So, how do we stay elevated?  We smudge with sage of course!


Reasons for Sage Smudging:

Smoke cleansing through sage smudging is a traditional and spiritual method of releasing negativity and instilling positivity.

 - You’ve just moved into a new place, and want to wash away the energy left from previous inhabitants.

 - You just got your first deck of tarot cards, and want to cleanse the spiritual nature of the deck to start on a clean slate.

 - Your bestie just gave you a beautiful crystal, and you want to unlock the majesty of it's powers.

 - You just need an environmental energy reset to wash away negativity of the past, and allow positivity in the future.

Look no further than smoke cleansing through sage smudging! Smokin Js has the 411 on smoke cleansing, and can set you up with the perfect herbs to evoke the energy you seek. 

Evidence of Smoke Cleansing for Centuries:

The burning of herbs, or the practice of smoke cleansing, is a time honored tradition that has been performed for thousands of years across a bevy of cultures.

In the West the smoke from burning herbs is used for utilitarian purposes. Citronella is wielded as an insect repellant, while things like lavender masks unpleasant smells.

The French burned herbs to aid in air purification; while the Scottish practiced smoke cleansing in the form of saining to help purify the spirit.

Intoxicating incense in countless varieties is part of everyday life in the East; as evidenced by the Egyptians, who imported a wide range of exotic plants to burn in honor of specific gods and ceremonies.

The burning of incense is so important in Asia that they erected buildings solely for this purpose until the 12th century.

For millennia people all across the globe have benefited from the powerful medicine that is herbal smoke. Smoke cleansing is an incredibly versatile, and interpretive, practice that can be performed by anyone.

These rituals can include a variety of modifications based on the practitioner's desires and intentions.  And since the process is not tied to a specific rite or culture, creativity and personalization is a key component. 

Smudging and Native American Roots:

Herbal smoke smudging cleanses spaces, facilitates ritual, and can even help heal physical ailments. It can also be a transcendental medium to alter mood, and allow us to engage in shadow and dream work.

It’s no wonder then that the burning of herbs has become so popular. However when anything becomes mainstream, we must remember to honor where these traditions originate, so that we may use them in a respectful and sustainable way.

Many people know the practice of smoke cleansing as “smudging”, but it is important to note there is a very powerful difference between the Indigenous Native American ritual that is The Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, and the burning of herbs in smoke cleansing.

For Native American cultures the herbal smoke from smudging is a sacred element to the rituals they perform, and is a symbol of their culture, faith, and heritage. Smudging is an important ceremonial purifying ritual in many North American Indigenous cultures.

The practice has a long and rich history that extends way before white witchy practices brought it onto Instagram feeds near you.

Before smudging was popularized, it was illegal in the United States - at least, for Indigenous folks - until 1978. Smudging is not about cleansing a space, but rather connecting to the sacred spirit realm, and as such should be revered.

On the other hand, the practice of smoke cleansing is focused mostly on the clearing or releasing of negative energies. Some cultures may have spiritual practices connected to smoke cleansing, but the act of smoke cleansing in itself is not inherently spiritual or specific to a certain culture; the way smudging is to Native Americans. 

The purpose of a smoke cleansing purification ceremony is to clear away anxieties, impurities, dark thoughts, or bad vibes that may have attached themselves to a space, individual, or item. 


Herbs Used for Smoke Cleansing:

There are a variety of herbs one can use while performing a smoke cleansing ritual, many of which can be combined to achieve the desired vibrational outcome.

 - Cedar is said to heighten positive energy and evoke uplifting emotions to remediate balance.

 - Burning yerba santa is believed to help heal broken hearts and is wonderful at bringing about self-love vibes.

 - Rosemary is often burned to create a fresh start. Whether it's breaking a habit, embarking on a new path, or opening up to more creativity, rosemary’s powerful and fragrant nature can help open doors to the new.

 - Looking for a good night's sleep? Burning mugwort, though it sounds like something you might read about in a fantasy novel, should be added to your bedtime routine.  It is said to enhance dreams.

 - Palo Santo is considered a sacred wood from the coast of South America and is often burned to bring about prosperity.

 - Sandalwood will help grounding and centering efforts.

Each plant has a purpose, and should align with your cleansing intentions.

The most common herb used in smoke cleansing is California White Sage. Salvia apiana (also known as bee sage, or sacred sage) is an evergreen perennial shrub that is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. White sage is found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.


How to Smudge or Smoke Cleanse:

So, how exactly do you go about the act of smoke cleansing? 

First, consider how you will smoke cleanse. Think of the plant material choice, the vessel and how you will spread the smoke. If you are using a fan or feather, cleanse this first.

You may be drawn to particular plants or vessels, or you may choose ones that align with your ancestors. This is a great time to smoke a joint or light a crystal pipe with a strain that encourages reflection and stress reduction.

Remove any items from the room you do not wish to smudge. If you are in a room with windows open your curtains or blinds as well as the windows themselves. This will allow the negative energy a route of escape, plus the sun is an incredibly powerful healing and cleansing tool, so welcoming in its rays will be beneficial. 

Start by smoke cleansing yourself before cleansing your room or items. Bath your hands in the smoke.  Cleanse your front, your head, and the back of yourself.

Center and ground yourself. Set your intention for your smoke cleansing ritual.

Now light your sage or herbal bundle. You do not need to burn a lot of it as you are using the smoke, not the fire itself. Work with the plant. Gently blow the bundle down to an ember, as you build the smoke that will waft around the room.

Consider how you are cleansing your space. Start at the corners of the room, and work your way to the exit. Moving clockwise around the room will bring in positive energy, while counterclockwise will invite negative energy to leave.

Use your hand, fan or feather to guide the smoke. If you pray, this is the time to do so. Perform ritual and magic in thoughtful silence. 

Just ensure you are keeping strong positive energy in your mind.

Fill your space with helpful, well-intentioned thoughts. Recognize that energy, and speak what you intend to be the outcome of your smoke cleansing ritual.

As you complete the circle of the room, put the ashes outside the door to release that which the smoke collected. If you are cleansing an object, be sure to completely surround it in smoke. If it is an item that can open or close, be sure to open all compartments and let the smoke flow freely in these areas.

Set your intention for the item. When you are finished bathing your item, space, or self in the healing smoke, return the ashes to Mother Earth. And finally, make sure you thank your Spirits, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, ancestors or guides to close your smoke cleansing ritual.

Sage smudge cleansing has the ability to enhance your space as well as your person, and when you use California White Sage from Smokin Js you’re sure to reach the perfect vibrational plane. 


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