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Oh That Smell - 3 Ways to Hide Smoke Odor - Smokin Js

Oh That Smell - 3 Ways to Hide Smoke Odor

You know the feeling! You’ve just finished an epic smoke sesh, settled comfortably into your couch nest, and you’re moments away from bingeing reruns of The Office (that’s not just me, right?!) Then suddenly there’s a knock at the door.

Now you’re trying to remember if you ordered food, have a fellow canna-buddy stopping by, or forgot the plumber was coming over.  Regardless who might be at the door, if you’re anything like us here at Smokin Js, you love to puff, but don’t exactly want to smell like you just crawled out of the bag.


Rest assured friends, Smokin Js has you covered! Before we go into solutions though, let’s discuss why that particular smell is so distinctively strong?

The smell produced by cannabis is directly related to the plant's ability to reproduce.

Our little green friend emits a strong odor which is produced via terpenes and terpenoids as a defense mechanism against insects. Those same terpenes are what give our sessions their tasty, albeit smelly, nature. So, why exactly would we want to cut down the very essence of our sacred plant? Well my friends, there are many reasons we may not want to smell like the dank we just consumed. 

 - Perhaps it’s the rules of property management (rules...shmules, amiright?!)

 - Maybe your partner doesn’t partake, or they find the smell offensive (her name isn’t Karen, right?)

 - It could be your nosy neighbors, or their children who have allergies or asthma.

 - It’s even possible you just don’t want your house smelling like a burnt bowl.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter why you don’t want to advertise your consumption, you simply don’t. The good news is, here at Smokin Js we offer a variety of options to reduce the effect of malodorous spaces on your lifestyle.

The Smoke Buddy:

The Smoke Buddy is the easiest and most effective way of reducing about 90% of the smoke, and smell, from personal use. Think of this little dude as the grown-up version of the paper towel sploof you used before you could buy your own accessories.

Rather than trying to filter an entire room, the Smoke Buddy focuses on purifying the air exhaled directly through the activated carbon and ceramic bead core. But unlike the DIY version, the Smoke Buddy leaves the exhaled air practically smoke and odor free.

Not only does this guy do what he says he will, he comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit every lifestyle. Plus, I’ve got a few tips for you so you can get the most out of your Smoke Buddy.

Using the Smoke Buddy is incredibly easy, simply put your mouth around the top and steadily breathe out. Exhaling a bit more slowly than you usually would gives the Smoke Buddy more opportunity to effectively filter the fumes. Be sure to get a tight seal with your lips, otherwise smoke may leak out, and thereby go unfiltered.

Just remember that when you exhale, moisture is released and will travel through the unit. To extend the life of your device be sure to leave the caps off for an hour to allow the collected condensation to evaporate.

Pro Tip - "You can further extend the life of your Smoke Buddy by placing a few cotton balls just inside the mouth piece. The cotton balls will help catch the larger particulate before it reaches the core of the unit, keeping the internal filter cleaner for longer."

Customers have told us that their Smoke Buddy makes smoke sessions less anxiety ridden, more comfortable for those around them, and has even saved them security deposits and fights with family members. Though, because the Smoke Buddy doesn’t completely eliminate the smell of smoke, you may want to have alternatives at the ready.

Dry Herb Vape:

Vaporization instead of combustion is another option to reduce the amount of smoke and smell produced via consumption. Vaporizers reduce the odor of cannabis by nearly 80%; even more with with low temp "true vaporization" settings.

Unlike combustion, the majority of vapor is kept either inside the device or the consumer's lungs. This means that there is less product in the air to create issues in the first place. When you exhale vapor the smell is comparable to overcooked popcorn rather than a bonfire. This is because vapor is less dense, dissipates more quickly, and doesn’t attach itself to fabrics, furniture, or walls like smoke does.

There are many options when it comes to vaporizers, but our two favorites here at Smokin Js are the Extreme Q, which is a tabletop dry herb vaporizer, and the Smokin Js Perfect Vaporizer, which is a portable unit. 

The Extreme Q is meant to remain stationary, and therefore has a higher maximum temperature; which can result in stronger smells. But, because this unit comes with an aromatherapy potpourri dish, and an auto shut off feature, you can simply enjoy your smoke session then attach the potpourri dish, adding in your favorite essential oils, and let the Extreme Q defuse while you chill.

Plus! The Extreme Q has a built-in fan to help circulate the essential oils throughout the room more quickly, thus leaving less time for worry, and more time to prepare for the next session!

But maybe you want something you can use on the go, and still not offend those around you. The crew here at Smokin Js knows exactly what you need!

The Perfect Vaporizer is about to become your new best friend.

Smokin Js Perfect Vaporizer puts all the goodness of a tabletop unit in the palm of your hot little hand. This device is not only portable, and perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, it has three temperature settings, and two different mouthpieces to customize your smoking experience.

The ceramic heating chamber delivers the best taste and performance from your dry herb; while the temperature settings allow you to choose how hot you want your vaporization experience, and thereby how much “smoke” and smell you want released. Plus this groovy little dude comes with an American backed 60 day warranty!

But maybe dry herb isn’t your jam. You prefer concentrates, yet you still want to be considerate of others. Perhaps that means that the CloudV or the High5 Duo is the unit for you!  

The CloudV Classic and the CloudV Platinum are portable wax devices that use advanced tornado atomizer technology to pack the punch of concentrates without the added need for accessories like torches and bangers.  The atomizers burn the wax material, so there is smoke exhaled in the process.  But the smoky smell from a concentrate pen is more subtle and different than burning flower.

The CloudV Classic version is perfect for shorter trips with a battery life of approximately 24-48 hours depending on usage. The CloudV Platinum version has a replaceable mouthpiece, built-in viewing window, and a nearly four day battery life. Both units work beautifully for those who are always on the go, and want something easy and convenient for the ride.

Though, if you’re looking for something that packs a bigger punch but remains portable, the High5 Duo is what you need. 

The High5 Duo is a compact portable electronic dab rig. Think of it as if your traditional rig and banger had a love child with a big ol’ vape pen. The Duo stands at only six inches tall but packs a punch like a torch set up.

Her temperature control ranging from 350° to 600° which means she is good for the casual consumer, or the heavy dabber alike. The pass-through charging capability allows you to continue your dab session without having to wait for her to charge, AND she’s compatible with dry herb too!  Plus, I haven’t even mentioned how beautiful she is with her vibrant LED display and myriad of lighting options! Needless to say, the High5 Duo is a killer gadget at an awesome price.

So, now that we’ve covered the various consumption devices to alleviate smells, it’s time to explore those solutions that aren’t employed until after the session ends. 

Odor Eliminators:

Things like candles, air freshener sprays, incense, essential oils, and even airtight containers are all awesome options to keep the smell down. Smokin Js has some of the best odor eliminator candles and sprays on the market!


The Smoke Exterminator Candle line has more than a dozen scents to choose from. Each one does an amazing job with their enzyme formulated blend of actually removing the odors rather than covering them up.

They also offer room sprays that, like their candles, eliminate pungent smells rather than masking them, AND they aren’t overpowering like competitors' brands can often be.

Or you can check out Ozium’s air sanitizer spray that comes in new car, original, and vanilla scents. Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our trusted friends at Orange Chronic who created an air freshener that’s sure to ease malodorous concerns.

But, maybe candles and sprays aren’t your cup of tea ... No worries, we’ve still got you covered my friends! 

Smokin Js has a plethora of incense and essential oils to choose from! We have the traditional Indian Satya brand of incense, as well as our very own local hand-dipped sticks made in Washington State! Nostalgic scents like Patchouli Champa and Lavender will take you back to your college days, while intoxicating scents like my personal favorites, Elixir #6 and Dragon’s Blood will invigorate your senses. Whatever fragrance strikes your fancy, you’ll find it at Smokin Js. 

Whew! Now that we’ve discussed how to smoke our herb in a way that produces less smell, and we’ve explored ways to cover the smell once it’s been made, what’s left? Storage my friends! 



How do we store our stinky herb so that it stays fresh, and doesn’t permeate the air? In a Tight Vac airtight container, of course! These little babies are quite skilled at keeping odors at bay while making sure your herb stays fresh af! No more dry bowls or stinky rooms with this little dude in your arsenal. 

So go forth my friends and smoke without concern for odors, ‘cause Smokin Js has everything you need to make your next session stink free, in all the right ways!   

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