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Phat Bottom Slurper

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Big bottoms are in style ... lol.

Use the drop down menu to choose 90 or 45 degree.

This new pure quartz banger combines popular features of other banger styles into one package ready to be your next favorite dab machine.

Smokin Js high quality!  Check out where the banger bucket meets the arm connector.  Cheaper bangers create a weld point here that is more sensitive to breakage.  Our Phat Bottom Slurper Banger uses a full weld design that ensures the highest quality in application.

The fully welded deep dish is thick!  That allows heat retention to last throughout the entire session.  The slits in the bottom of the slender chamber allow the dab to be drawn into the chamber allowing for a more robust, and yet cooler dab experience.

A solid carb cap (not air flow) is needed to go with this banger to make it function the best.  Dabbin Dave makes great solid carb caps.  And the dichroic marble set comes with two solid dichroic marbles.

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