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Hot Wand

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Thick handle glass hot wand.  Great for natural flameless combustion!

The Dabbin Dave's hot wands are made from borosilicate glass, making it strong but not immune against drops and temperature changes.  

For the best results and longest life of your hot wand, use a butane torch and keep the hot end of the wand free of debris(bits of herb and ash left on the end from use). To clean the tool, use your choice of rag/paper towel and wipe off the debris. 

Use water or Smokin Js Cleaner if the gunk is stuck on.

Regardless of the type of torch used to heat up the wand, only place the ball end of the tool into the softer part of the torch flame(closer to the end of the flame than to the torch head). Heat the wand up for 50-60 seconds, or as you need.

WARNING: Some color change is fine but DO NOT get the glass glowing red.