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Budding Crypto Community - Smokin Js

Budding Crypto Community

In many ways Smokin Js is my artistic expression.  A business built as an escape pod from the corporate monolith.  I curate and create within this artistic expression through the selective inventory offerings and vendor partnerships.  Independent culture is always at the forefront of these decisions.


Freedom!  That's the sentiment behind almost all the counter culture currents I have swam in.  In many ways, 'legalization of cannabis' was a memetic billboard for a broader freedom movement.  Headshops have always been a participant in the culture of resistance.

Each technological platform breakthrough is often viewed from the lens of freedom.  In the early days of the Internet, the networking technology was heralded as a way for the masses to connect with one another.  Freedom of movement.  Freedom of education.  Freedom of commerce.

However, the Internet could also be looked at as a furtherance of systems of control.  Who really benefits from the increased productivity of our connected systems? 

Instead of a long-winded monologue or debate, I will simply say that the benefits and restraints of the Internet are something each person must weigh and continually address to receive personal steps of freedom.

Our counter culture freedom movement must at times utilize the very tools we are fighting against. 


Crypto Currency Blockchain

A new emergent global technology is breaking through:  Blockchain

Blockchain technology promises efficiencies and safeguards within virtually all systems of society.  The promise of monetary freedom in particular has captured the attention of people all over the world.  

Sure, price appreciation is the shiny golden ticket that has mesmerized the masses.  But there is more working within crypto monetary blockchains than get-rich-quick dreams of the plebs.


At the heart of crypto currency blockchains is freedom from the chains of the monetary system.  

  • Who needs Western Union and their toll booth fee when you can send your friend or family money on the blockchain?
  • Who needs a bank and their wire transfer fee when you can send money on the blockchain to buy that treasure from a private party?
  • Who needs a merchant processor and their transaction fee when you can receive money through the blockchain?

So many fees are built into our current monetary system you don't even notice them anymore.  Blockchain technology, crypto currency, and maybe Bitcoin in particular, offer a disruption to toll booth fee systems of the old world.

Crypto Use Case

But we have to use these new technologies to help them grow.

Smokin Js is proud to accept several crypto currencies as payment for products.  And my commitment to the positive potential of crypto currency goes beyond a simple transaction onramp.


Smokin Js will not exchange any crypto currency earned from retail transactions into fiat currency.  When you purchase your goods from Smokin Js with crypto currency, that money will stay in the crypto ecosystem to circulate within our cultural communities.

"Holding Bitcoin and crypto currency is great.  But it is the actual implementation and use of crypto currency that can accelerate change within monetary systems.  We have to use - not just HODL." Jay Fratt

This means that the existence of Bitcoin as a store of value is only one step in the progression of monetary freedom.  We have to use crypto currencies within our trade systems to legitimize and nourish the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto Community Ecosystem

It has begun!  Smokin Js doesn't just accept crypto currency, but we have starting paying glass blowing artists in crypto currency as well.

Pat Freeman of Freeman Glassworks is a crypto currency advocate as well as an amazing glass blower.  Every inventory purchase made from Smokin Js to Freeman Glassworks has been through Bitcoin.


Now I want you to think about this scenario.  You purchase from Smokin Js with Bitcoin.  We purchase art from Freeman Glassworks with Bitcoin.  And Pat purchases glass supplies with Bitcoin.  From raw material, to artist, to retailer, to consumer, the glass art would flow through the consumer and manufacturing circuit outside of the old monetary toll booth system.

The crypto currency ecosystem is nurtured and proven.  Not with a hash rate, but with real-life use.  Together, we are change!



To celebrate our acceptance of crypto currency as payment online, we made this special commemorative Bitcoin Water Pipe.  Use coupon code CRYPTO to get 15% off, and please use crypto currency to purchase.

Only for our special crypto currency ecosystem products, you can get 15% off with the coupon code CRYPTO.

The coupon code is only available on Freeman Glassworks products and our commemorative Bitcoin Bing!  And of course if you are into crypto currency like we are, you should use crypto currency to purchase these items ... right!?!  Keep the circle going!


Freeman Glassworks and Smokin Js are off the monetary payment grid!  Use coupon code CRYPTO for 15% off any Freeman Glassworks product to celebrate acceptance and adoption of crypto currency.  And pay in crypto currency to keep the positive cycle going.


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